Manes and Tails - list of articles!

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Go for softness, stain repelling, and overall health.
The pros and cons to roaching, or hogging, your horse’s mane!
5 easy ways to help your horse’s tail to be extra and awesome. Daily care, along with a few other things, is the best way to keep your horse’s tail full and healthy.
If your horse has rubbed holes in his mane, you have a few options about how to treat this. And a few options for braiding as well!
How to help your horse’s thin tail be more full and fluffy.
TIps and ideas on how you can train your horse’s main to rest on one side of his neck. Maybe. VIDEO, too!
A simple way to clean and groom your horse’s tail. Easy to do in winter, or anytime of year.
The thick mane is also the unruly mane! Here are some ideas to help your horse’s thick mane be more manageable.
Yes, this falls into the category of “grooming challenge”. But, you can keep your horse’s mane and tail clean in cold weather with a few grooming tips and tricks.
Grooming tips for taking care of your horse’s tail extension.
One way to tidy up your horse’s tail top is to pull the tail. You have other options, too, if you like.
Ideas on how you can prevent your horse’s blanket from rubbing out some of his mane.
The basic components of a braiding kit for your horse! Having these tools on hand make getting your horse ready with braids is easy.
Two versions of tail care – picking or brushing… which is “best”?
There are a thousand ways a horse’s tail becomes tangled…and a few good ideas of how to get it untangled.
A few simple reasons why a bridle path is a good idea for horses, especially if the mane is thick! You want your horse’s bridle to fit.
How you can use simple scissors to trim your horse’s tail top.
Mud knots on your horse’s tail are an easy way to protect the tail from mud and dirt!
Mares pose a particular problem – urine stains and damage to their tails. Here are some tips to help you manage this!
Some tips and tricks for “washing” a winter mane – too cold to shampoo, but there is caked in mud and dirt!
The pros and cons of using tail braids and tail bags for your horse.
Some tips for dealing with a horse that chews tails! There are a few reasons why horses like to chew tails, and a few things you can do about it.
Some quick tips on creating fabulous dressage button braids for your horse.
Some tips and ways that Grooms can shorten manes without pulling them!
Practice braiding at home with these tips for braiding your horse’s mane!
Tips on washing your horse’s tail!
Few of us have the problem of “too much tail” with our horses – but a super thick tail requires some special grooming techniques!
Some tried and true ways to make you horse’s tail stand out among the herd.
Some more discussion on pulling manes – it’s optional! You can also use scissors and then work on the ends to create an even mane in length.
Help for the horse whose white tail is not so white anymore!
Tips for helping your horse’s short tail grow a bit longer!
When you might want to condition and braid your horse’s tail.
Should you pull your horse’s mane? It’s totally optional!
Why horses rub their tails, and what you can do about it. It’s not just grooming habits that may need to change, it could be worms, also.
TIps for helping your horse grow a long mane!
How do you detangle your horse’s tail? Many options from conditions to oils to serums and sprays.