Horse Clipping - list of articles

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Some areas might be off limits!  Like whiskers! 
Clip early or late in the fall, and how much of the coat grows back will change
You can do some clipper maintenance yourself!  It’s easy.
Get your horse spiffy with some simple trimming
Get started clipping with this handy guide and FAQ’s
It’s best to body clip the clean horse


Stop every five minutes – I promise it’s worth it


Takes more than fresh blades to keep clippers from getting hot
Trace clipping is much easier when the lines are crisp and even – tips here!
Get ready to wow the judges by clipping before a show, and when to do it.
Let’s bust up some horse clipping myths! Clippers should not get hot, kerosene is not safe, and coolant is not the same as oil!
How to get your horse spotlessly clean in winter for a clip!
A comprehensive and complete guide to clipping your horse. Reasons to clip your horse, the tools and blades you need, technique how-tos, and troubleshooting both technique and mechanical issues.
7 common horse clipping myths, from pattern to hot blades, to how to clip, clipper coolant vs. oil, and more.
How to clip your horse’s face, legs, skin folds, elbows, girth area, and other tricky places. Grab the proper clippers and blades, start with a clean horse, and use both hands!
Sometimes, your horse clippers don’t work as well as you like! Here’s how to fix common problems.
Some ideas of how to keep the hair you just clipped away from yourself!
How to fix common horse clipping mistakes. It’s not a big deal if your horse clipping doesn’t go well, there are easy ways to fix things!
Horse clippers are a must for all horse owners, but do you need clippers or just trimmers?
Should you clip your horse’s lower legs? There are plenty of reasons to clip your horse’s lower legs, and plenty of reasons to leave things as they are.
How to get the right tension for your horse’s shearing type clippers. Not all clippers need tensioning – look for the knob. Also, add oil!
The differences between clipper oil and coolant, and when you should be using them during the clipping process. Your horse will thank you, as clean and oiled clippers are much more comfortable!
You might want to leave a few places on your horse unclipped this winter! This helps with tack rubs, keeping warm, and helping your horse be comfortable.
Easy tips and tricks for avoiding clipper lines on your horse! Part horse prep, part good tools, part practice!
Tips and steps to easily create a saddle pad or cute design on your horse with clippers. Great for body clipping and leaving a little bit of saddle protection!
Some ideas, tips, and tricks for making horse clipping easy and stress free. Also some tips for making horse clipping stress free for you, too!
How to determine the best time to clip your horse for the winter or cooler weather!
How to keep your clipper blades fresh, and what you need to know about sharpening your horse’s clipper blades.
Easy steps you can take to teach your horse that clippers are not going to eat him. Most likely.
Some reasons why you might want to use a clipper guard or clipper combs on your horse.
Ways to customize your horse’s hair coat for maximum winter comfort! You don’t have to give your horse a full body clip, you can do partial clips, or trace clips, or make something up.
Ideas on how to pick the best clippers for your horse – what to look for in horse clippers!
The best tips and tricks for prepping your horse for clipping! Avoid tugs, lines, and dulling your blades.
Every well stocked grooming kit should also have clippers – for body clipping, for small trims, for wound care.
A few reasons why you may want to clip a horse that’s already shedding! Horse shed in spring and fall, and you can clip at any time.
Easy steps to clean and store your clippers and clipper blades.
All of the tools and products you need to body clip your horse. Do the prep work with a clean horse and the clipping will be easy!
Some tips on making the clipping process safe and easy for your horse!
How you can prep your horse for body clipping, and return some of the shine and softness to your horse when you are done.
Some things to consider in the winter for your horse’s comfort. Clipping may be a great option for you!
Is clipping your horse in the summer a good idea?
You have lots of options when you are clipping your horse. You can clip legs, or not, and you can clip your horse’s face, or not. Or partially.
Top tips to make the horse clipping process a bit easier!
How to pick the best clipper blade for your horse – be it trace clipping, body clipping, or touch ups!
Should you be clipping your horse’s ears? It’s totally optional. You can also do just a quick trim.