Horse Grooming

This is where you can find information on grooming your horse. Daily care, what to look for, how to get ready for a horse show or go to a clinic. Questions are always welcome! Liv at proequinegrooms dot com.

Teach your horse to chill and desensitize them to water 
Tips and tricks to handle each season’s grooming challenges
Your barn chores can improve your horse’s health
It could be an inside problem, an outside problem , or both.
You can spot clean or hot towel your horse.
Secret – use less product for better results
Let’s blow up some horse grooming myths! There are too many old wives tales about horses out there, time to debunk a few.
Your horse’s winter coat has started to shed – will the curry comb ever get a break??
Horsemanship tips from basic horse grooming, clipping, skin and coat care, to hoof care and beyond.
How to oil buff your horse for maximum shine and conditioning. You can do this year round, on a thick winter coat, and it won’t leave your horse sticky.
How to get started with grooming your horse! Put together a horse grooming kit, get a horse grooming routine, and some tips on how to help your horse enjoy his time with you.
How to groom your horse in winter when he’s muddy! Also, what to do about your horse’s muddy legs, and some solutions to prevent mud.
All the basics on sheath and udder cleaning you could ever want to know…. and is sheath and udder cleaning necessary?
One of winter’s big challenges is how to dry the wet horse in the cold weather. Use a thermometer, coolers, and time to dry your horse and keep his body temperature safe.
Why not make a gift guide for equestrians with things they won’t like? Because it’s a joke! And some of these are actually good ideas, so there. The equestrian gift guide for 2020.
The low-down on chestnuts and ergots on horse legs. Do these weird and crusty things on your horse’s legs mean anything, and where did they come from?
A handy barn hack list of things you can get for your horse at the dollar store!
How to groom your horse in winter when he has a thick winter coat! Use proper tools, add some products into your routine, and more elbow grease!
When the weather is dry and full of static, your horse’s dust will just glue on! Here are some tips to removing dust from your horse.
How to get your horse grooming routine tuned in for fall and clipping season.
Some horse grooming tips to make your grooming time at the barn more efficient!
Some horse grooming tips for paint and pinto horses. Keep the whites bright and the colors deep and rich!
Some of the most common horse grooming mistakes, and what you can do about them.
How to help your horse that has urine and manure scald on the hind legs.
How you can tell if your horse likes grooming, and what you can do about it if he doesn’t.
How grooming your horse helps his skin and coat – it goes deeper than just shine.
Reasons why a horse might take a long time to shed his winter coat.
Spur marks happen, and here are some ideas on how to prevent them!
How to use grooming oil on your horse to give shine and conditioning to a dry coat.
Interesting tidbits about how horses are named! It’s not always as simple as picking your dream name.
Horse grooming is more than just brushes and shampoo, there is a top 3 of horse grooming priorities. Legs and hooves, movement and exercise, and everything thing else health related.
Horse grooming can be made easier with one secret – use oils. From nutrition to elbow grease to clipper oils, they can help your horse shine.
A handy list of the best horse grooming tools for summer. Keep your horse grooming routine simple and easy!
Perhaps my second favorite grooming tool is the washcloth! Here are all of the ways I use them for grooming and barn management.
Horse whiskers fall into the same category as manes – long or short, depending on your preference. You may not want to clip your horse’s whiskers, though, as they help him navigate.
How you can save a bit of time at the barn while grooming your horse!
Some tips for horse grooming in the summer. From hoof care to mane and tail care, these tips can help your horse look his best in the summer.
Easy and fun ways to take care of and grooming your horse. The best advice for horse grooming, horse clipping, horse health, and more.
A few of my favorite barn hacks – to save time and effort around the barn!
My list of 9 horse grooming hacks that need to stop. There are better ways! Much better ways!
Some things to do and a recipe for odor busting shampoo if your horse gets skunked!
Hardware store hacks for your horse and barn! You can pick up a lot of tools and supplies at the hardware store to “hack” your barn into shape.
How to help your senior horse stay comfortable and healthy, with both grooming and care tips!
Easy-ish things you can do when you are grooming your horse in winter!
Tips and tricks for removing sweat marks in warm and cold weather! Keep your horse looking sleek all year long.
A handy list of my favorite horse grooming tools for winter! And sometimes even the warmer months!
Some ways you can add some shine to your gray or white horse. It’s more than just stain removal. It’s long term, good grooming, and feeding, and some horses will just be naturally more shiny than others.
Some basic techniques for removing sweat from your horse’s winter coat! It will take time, effort, and maybe a shopping trip for some horse coolers.
Some questionable horse myths about colic, wheat bran mashes, mud and horseshoes, and whorls.
Barn hack! Make your own recipe of horse grooming wipes. For grooming your horse’s stains away, for cleaning tack, for cleaning around the barn. Easy, and you can customize the ingredients.
More barn hacks! Make your time at the horse show or home barn fast and convenient with these tips.
Some good and some questionable suggestions for dressing in the summer for a long hot day at the barn.
Easy ways to stay organized at a horse show. Then you have more time to panic! I mean prepare.
A somewhat detailed discussion of why I don’t suggest using dishwashing detergents on your horse.
I can’t believe I’m even writing about this – baby oil is used by some to force a horse to shed. Don’t use baby oil to force a horse to shed.
A dull coat on a horse doesn’t necessarily mean he’s unhealthy… it could mean a lot of things!
How to keep the chestnut horse shiny and bright all year long, even after clipping.
Some horses get blotchy or patchy as they shed, here are some tips to alleviate that.
Tips for grooming the yellow horse – and bringing him back to bright white or gray again!
Tips for grooming the clipped horse! It’s sometimes easier, but you need to watch out for a few things.
The types of fly spray ingredients you can use on your horse – chemical, fatty acid, and essential oil.
More barn hacks to make your chores and grooming at the barn go by easily!
A little bit about unusual coat patterns on horses, and some of the stories behind them. From bend-or spots to blood stains to birdcatcher spots.
Some ideas on how to pick the best shampoo for your horse!
You may want to spring clean your horse at the same time you spring clean your barn! From vaccinations to grooming and more.
Bay and black horses have their own set of grooming challenges. Here are some tips for keeping color and shine!
Easy suggestions for removing stickers and burrs from your horse, and what not to use!
How to be smart about dressing up your horse for Halloween – no need to get flung into the next zip code!
Tips and suggestions for keeping every inch of your horse’s body in top form – including under his tail!
How to take some great photos of your horse for a sales ad!
Make your horse’s bath safe and easy with these tips.
A list of uses for rubbing alcohol at the barn – but it’s not for wounds!
Barn hacks for the horse show! Some simple tricks to make horse show prep easy and fun.
The dreaded grass stain – your horse suddenly looks like your kid brother’s soccer uniform…
Some more common horse myths that are simply not true!
How to take your show grooming routine up a notch and really wow the judge!
Maybe you have heard of some of these old school grooming techniques?
It might be a good idea to have a hair dryer at the barn, for touching up wet things and horses!
Snow is beautiful and just begs for photo ops! Be safe when turning out into snow…just in case.
How to deal with caked on mud during the winter months – especially tricky when your horse has a winter coat!
Some fairly common horse myths are busted up! We find the truth behind dog and horse behavior, the sclera of your horse’s eye, bran mashes for horses, foamy sweat, and drinking after your horse exercises.
Make life at the barn easier during horrible winter weather! Follow these cold weather barn hacks to stay warm and help with horse chores.
Some interesting discoveries about how “old school” horse management and horse grooming was done! Some of these ideas are just plain wrong, and others are ok and still work today when caring for your horse.
The differences between natural oils and sweat on your horse, and what this means for your grooming routine!
Why you should never use WD 40 on your horses. Ever.
Some tips for making a swimming trip fun and safe for your horse!
How many uses for baby wipes at the barn can we come up with?
Horse show grooming tips! Keep your daily routine top notch, and your show grooming routine will be the same, with a few other easy things to do.
How to make sure your horse jogs safely for the judges or the veterinarian! It’s manners 101, and a valuable skill for your horse to have.
Having a horse in pasture is great – until grooming time. Some ideas for getting the dust out!
More awesome barn hacks to make you life a little easier at the barn!
Horses sometimes get into sticky stuff, like tar and sap and smegma. Here are some ideas on how you can easily remove any sticky goop from your horse.
A few more of my favorite horse grooming and barn hacks!
Heading out for a competitive trail ride is a bit different than the show ring – but your horse’s grooming is just as important!
You may, or may not be, interested to know about laterin and how it affects your horse’s sweat!
More simple tips and tricks to help you around the barn!
The one day horse show can be great fun – here are some easy tips to make your day go smoothly! Use your time at a schooling show to practice all of the horse grooming and mane braiding skills you will need for a longer horse show.
Horse myth busting – braiding on the right, cold weather and long hair coats, white hooves, and more!
Again, a great list of fun and easy barn hacks. Please add your own and we can have a Barn Hacks Part Four!
How to narrow down some of the reasons a horse might be a hard keeper…so you can game plan from there!
An intro into how hair grows – which explains why your horse may, or may not, be able to grow wildly long hair.
Curry combs come in dozens of styles to choose from! How to pick the right curry comb for the job.
Easy tips on how to make a hoof trim or shoeing comfortable for the older or injured horse!
Some fast and easy barn hacks to make taking care of your horse a bit easier and fun!
Keep exercising and riding your horse in the winter!
Why horses bite, and what you can do about it! You often need to try and prevent your horse from biting instead of correcting the behavior after it’s done.
Sometimes, we are separated from our horses, here’s how to mark them for identification and safety.
The scoop about using liniments on your horse when grooming! Liniments can be used to soothe your horse’s muscles after a workout or ride.
Things to rule out, things to consider, things to train as your horse becomes a giraffe during the bridling process and won’t put his head down.
How to determine when it’s too hot to ride your horse!
Some useful info on homemade horse fly spray ingredients, and how to make your own homemade fly spray!
A simple method to removing manure stains from your horse!
How you can help your horse can stand quietly for the Farrier – keep everyone safe!
Ideas on how you can make handling your horse’s tricky areas much safer! When you desensitize your horse, you build trust, which helps you deliver the best possible care and grooming to your horse.
Ideas on what to do at the barn when it’s too cold to ride!
Ideas on how to give your horse a proper winter warm up! Let his muscles and body temperature warm up slowly, and cool off slowly.
How you can alleviate the often grumpy and sometimes dangerous actions of the cold backed horse!
Tips and tricks for grooming Friesian and Baroque horses.
Ideas for grooming the sensitive horse!
The best ways to use fly sprays on your horse, for maximum effectiveness and safety for him.
Some simple guidelines for deciding when to bathe your horse with shampoo! You don’t want to give your horse a bath too frequently.
Do you have a step by step grooming routine? This can help you when you are at the shows and pressed for time!
The ultimate horse show packing checklist! Just add your horse.
A handy checklist of things to do to get your horse ready for summer!
The benefits of Grooming after your horse exercises, as well as before!
What dapples are, and how you can bring them out in your horse – maybe!
Schooling shows are a great way to prepare you and your horse for rated horse shows!
How you can turn your horse out nicely for a clinic. Almost like a horse show, but not quite.
Grooming tips and tricks for managing the chrome on your horse’s legs!
Using tea tree oil can be great for horses – if you have enough background information to make it safe!
Techniques and tips for hot toweling your horse in winter!
Horses may need your help to cool out in the cold weather – so be prepared to spend some extra time!
Winter can be a challenging time to groom the unclipped horse. Here’s a list of tips and tricks to make grooming your fuzzy and furry horse easier in the cold weather.
The inside scoop on horses that kick their stalls – and how Grooms and owners can understand and hopefully change this behavior!
How to groom your horse before a show, and some ideas on how to keep him clean overnight!
How grooms and horse owners can introduce and use the vacuum on their horses – saves time and elbow grease!
How horse owners can prevent, spot, and treat galls in the girth and saddle areas. These are hairless and/or open sores caused by friction and rubbing, usually against tack.
How horse owners and riders can safely monitor and manage their horse’s TPR after exercise in the summer. Tips for cooling off the horse in warm weather!
Some horse owners may wonder if using household cleaners is OK for horses. It’s not. A stain free horse comes from a good diet, diligent grooming, and daily attention.
The basic mechanism of horse sweat, detailing water and electrolyte losses!
Some tips on keeping your horse happy and cool in the summer!
Horse owners often need to hand walk their horses – and not always under ideal circumstances! Here’s how to be safe!
Have fun grooming your horse by adding Quarter Marks! Here are my tips for easy designs.
Grooms have lots of options when it comes to fly sprays! Here’s a brief intro to some common fly spray ingredients.
Some critical areas of our horses that are frequently overlooked…but shouldn’t be!
Dry skin and a dull coat is a common complaint about horses and ponies during winter. Here are some tips on how to remedy dry skin and a dull coat on a horse.
Your horse’s ears – all about them, and do you really need to clean them? Should you clip them?
The basics of tick prevention and management, so hopefully they stay away from the horses!
How to use poultice on your horse, and why your horse might appreciate some on his legs!
Horse bathing tips from Pro Grooms! Easy ways to get your horse clean and dry-ish.
Your fuzzy horse resembles more of some sort of Yetti creature in the winter. How can you spiff him up without clipping him totally?
Let’s take a trip back in time to learn the secrets of the wisp – the ultimate shine maker.
You have just been told your horse needs stall rest. Here are some ways for you and your horse to cope.
So your horse had dandruff. Here are some reasons why, and what you can do about it.
How to combat static electricity during dry times.
How to safely wash your horse’s face.
Horse hair and skin can be rubbed away. Here’s how to help your horse’s sores and rubs heal.
What to do if your horse’s coat looks like a 1980’s hair band rocker. Some handy tips for the sun-bleached horse!
How to use the vacuum on your horse.
How to groom the feathers of your horse! Daily attention to your horse’s feathers is one option, so is clipping.
Tips and tool for grooming white and gray horses.