Saddles and Bridles

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The differences between wool and foam in saddles.
Keep things safe for you and comfortable for your horse with this handy list of tacking up tips.
How you can tell if your saddle needs adjustment or re-flocking?
The basics on how mold and mildews work, and what horse owners can do when your tack room, feed room, and saddle get covered in spores.
Some common options for horse bits. You don’t have to use a metal one, and if you do, there are lots of metal types to choose from.
An introduction to the styles and types of bits available for both English and Western horses.
How and why to take your horse’s bridle apart – it’s part gross factor and part safety issue.
Things to look for on your horse that will tell you if your horse’s tack is bothering him.
Factors to consider when you are choosing your horse’s tack. Including color!
How to deal with your horse tack and stuff that has been…well…peed on.
Ideas on how you can lock up and secure your tack… just in case!
Every now and again, it’s time to re-organize and purge some items! How to sell your horse’s used tack and horse supplies!
Some tips and ideas for cleaning your horse’s bling.
Your tack cleaning options – from goops to soaps and beyond!
A little bit about leather, protein bonds, and when your cracked leather tack is ready to be tossed out.
Tips on how to preserve your saddle by using a smart saddle rack!
How to decide if you should keep your stirrup bars in the up or down position!
With added bling comes added responsibility! How to clean that white leather accent on your fancy new bridle or saddle!
Save some dough and shop for used horse tack and grooming supplies! Some handy tips for making things easy.
How to clean your horse’s rubber reins. This is not super complicated, but you do need to address the leather portions of the reins.
Tips for turning fenders and breaking in a new western saddle!
Tips and tricks for dealing with a squeaky saddle for your horse!
The best tools for getting your horse’s tack pro Groom clean!
How you can best clean and condition leather laced reins!
Easy ways to clean your horse’s webbed reins, both the leather parts and the fabric webbing! No fuss, no muss!
How you can rescue a wet saddle and bridle to avoid water damage!
Easy ways to make your own saddle cleaner for your horse’s tack!
How to turn a brand new english saddle into something that you and your horse will be comfortable in! Some tips and tricks for breaking in your saddle.
What to consider when you are shopping for a saddle – how to be sure it fits you!
How you can determine if your horse’s saddle fits him. Ask a trained saddle fitter for help and to make adjustments to your saddle.
How to be sure your horse’s bit fits him. You may need to do some trial and error.
How horse owners can create a figure 8 out of their bridles for a tidy tack room.
Guidelines on how to properly fit and adjust a snaffle type bridle on your horse.
Some tips for cleaning your horse’s saddle pads and bringing them back to a bright, white color!
A how-to for cleaning bits on your horse’s bridle.