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New articles and things

10 wide blade on km10 clippers going through a coat

Complete Guide to Clipping

Learn about equipment, training and desensitization, prepping your horse, clipping techniques, and helpful tips.

check your horse's digital pulse

Find your horse's digital pulse.

How to find the little pulse that gives you clues about hoof health.

shiny dark horse outside on the grass

Oil buffing

There's more than one way to oil buff your horse!

lower leg with equine pastern dermatitis scabs

Equine Pastern Dermatitis

There are more causes of leg funk than an internet stranger's random ideas.

Digitial thermometer

How to take your horse's vital signs.

Start with temperature, pulse, and respiration. Take daily to notice and changes from the usual.

horse lips chewing on fescue grass in pasture

Help Prevent Founder

Laminitis and founder have specific causes - reduce the risk by addressing the possible causes for your horse.

horse drinking fresh water from a blue bucket

Is your horse dehydrated?

Sure the skin tent test is MEH, opt for more feedback by checking out your horse's gums.