Shorten the mane without pulling


You can easily shorten your horse’s mane without pulling, and you can do so with many different tools. Don’t forget that roaching is also an option. 


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Options for shortening the mane include:


  • A mane blade. These lovely toothed blades do wonders for shortening a mane. You use it like you are going to pull the mane, but instead, just lob off the ends. Grab a bit of mane, and use the blade to backcomb or “rat up” the section until you are holding just a few hairs. Then use the blade to slice off the ends. This gives the edges of the mane a natural look. Brush out, repeat up and down the mane.


  • An old clipper blade. You can use the same technique here. Grab a section of mane, backcomb, chop off the ends. Brush out and work your way up and down the mane.


fold up mane blade on chestnut horse

This is the mane blade – it’s hinged, so you can fold it up for safe storage.


Use scissors to shorten a horse’s mane.


  • Cut a blunt edge on your horse’s mane. This requires razor-sharp scissors, and you may want to use your spare hand to gently press down on the mane as you work across.


  • You can leave the blunt ends, or you can add texture in the way your hairstylist would by cutting tiny angles off the blunt ends.


  • There’s also the option of using your scissors as you would use the mane blade or clipper blade to rough up the edges slightly.


  • You can also reach for the mane blade or clipper blade to put a natural finish on the ends after a blunt scissor cut.


Using thinning combs that don’t pull hair out


  • Horses with thicker manes typically require some amount of pulling, either all the way up and down the mane, or simply in the middle section where the mane likes to get a bit fatter. Pulling will even out the thickness of a mane, which helps greatly when braiding.  BUT – you don’t have to pull.  Try a thinning comb, like the Solo Comb.


  • Try it if you like! Part of the dilemma for many manes is that they are thick in the middle of your horse’s mane and thinner towards the ears and withers.


  • These specialty combs remove the thickness without pulling, which might work well for you. If you will be braiding, definitely try this. A horse’s mane looks much better when the braids are equal thickness and size all along the neck.


Mane trends change


  • There was a time, not too long ago, when using scissors to create a blunt cut of the mane was absolutely shocking.  Not these days!


  • There are lots of styles and trends and techniques – there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to keep your horse’s mane. Just do what you like, and how you like it!


Using scissors 

Use a mane blade

Use an old clipper blade


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