Green Horse Keeping

This is where you can find information on grooming your horse. Daily care, what to look for, how to get ready for a horse show or go to a clinic. Questions are always welcome! Liv at proequinegrooms dot com.

The basics of composting horse manure and shavings at the barn. Use piles or bins, keep things moist, full of oxygen, and turn the piles regularly.
Ideas on how to spread/share/get rid of your barn’s composted horse manure!
Save money and stay green with homemade cleaning products!
Spring cleaning means mucking out a lot of your horse’s old tack and blankets and stuff – how to decide if you should toss, fix, sell, or donate your horse stuff!
The best tips on how to spread your horse’s manure around the farm! And by spread manure I don’t mean verbally.
Some creative ways to reuse your horseshoes around the barn!
Grooms have a knack for coming up with creative uses for all sorts of things – like buckets and feed bags!
How many uses can we come up with for vinegar at the barn? A bunch.
How you can “green up” the barn and make your horse’s home more environmentally friendly.
Anyone out there recycle at the barn? What’s your trick for making it easy?