Trailers and Trailering

This is where you can find information on trailers and trailering your horse. Questions are always welcome! Liv at proequinegrooms dot com.


Things you should think about before you buy a horse trailer! And then work it all into your budget.
How to inspect and monitor your horse trailer tires for maximum life and maximum safety!
The “debate” on bedding in the horse trailer – should you put bedding in your horse’s trailer?
How to position horses in your trailer to maximize safety and comfort!
How you can make your horse trailer’s windows the safest for your horse.
Ideas on how to properly dress your horse for a trailer ride – from hooves up!
Ideas on how to effectively and efficiently clean your horse trailer! Fun times!
Make a trailer ride with your horse safe and stress free!
A handy reminder of some great tools to have in your trailer, in case of emergency.
How to inspect the inside of your horse’s trailer. Windows, mats, flooring, hay nets, all of these things need to be in good working order.
How you can use your trailer to store some off season or extra items.
Things to consider before you hit the road for long distance travels with your horse.
How to inspect the outside of your horse trailer! Things you need to inspect and notice before you load your horse and drive off.