Employment Issues

Employment Issues



Many of these topics are legal in nature – it’s up to YOU to research the employment laws in your state.  Remember that just because you and someone else agree on something, it does not make a legal situation.  Always seek legal advice if you are unsure.  Actual legal advice, not internet advice.

groom and horse in san diego barn
A few stories about why horse jobs can be awesome!

A compilation of stories – from you guys – about what your job breaking point was and when you knew it was time for you to bail on your horse job.

A brief introduction into becoming a freelance Groom, working with horses and for yourself!

What Grooms and Employers need to know about holiday pay, gifts, and tips.

Resume tips from an expert to help you get ready to land a dream job!

An insightful look at the numbers behind hiring a Groom – what it means for Grooms and Employers alike in the horse industry

An introduction into the differences between hourly and salaried employees, and what this has to do with Grooms!

An in depth look at workman’s compensation insurance and what is does for Grooms and Employers, alike.

A primer course on what harassment is, and the very many types of it!

Are you an employee? Or are you an independent contractor?