how to use vinegar at the barn

Vinegar – Its many uses at the barn!


distilled white vinegar


White vinegar uses:


  • Use a 1/1 ratio of white vinegar and water to remove mold from tack
  • Use the same ratio to clean stall walls, buckets, really anything that’s dirty. Some say you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean, I have not tried it, but have made a volcano from it.
  • Fill a spray bottle up with it to deter ants and cats.
  • It can be used to relieve itchy bug bites. Apple cider here? You guys tell me, I have heard both.
  • Dunk and soak those white crusty bits and buckles and snaps.


  • Rinse your horse with white vinegar after a bath to remove all traces of shampoo and add a bit of shine.


apple cider vinegar


For apple cider vinegar


  • Supplement in grain. Ask your veterinarian to be sure this is OK for your horse and his diet, just in case.
  • Mixed with skin-so-soft as a fly spray.


Some creatures, like some gnats and other flies, are attracted to smells, including vinegar. You may actually be bringing more bugs to the barn than you want.