Shipping boots and leg protection for your horse


Your horse’s shipping boots and leg protection needs may depend on a few factors – the horse, the distance, and the shipper.


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  • If I am doing my own hauling, short or long distance, I prefer standing wraps for protection, and they keep my older horse’s legs from stocking up. Since I am the shipper, I can also ensure they are correctly applied and stay that way. Often I will add a few quick rounds of masking tape, not duct tape, over the velcro as extra security.


  • Maybe this goes without saying, maybe not… Please “dress” your horse and have him walk around in his shipping boots, standing wraps, and bell boots before you load up. My horse has the equivalent of a tornado freak out if you put bell boots on, and I’m so glad I discovered this NOT in a trailer.


brown shipping boots

These shipping boots have attached bell boots


  • I also like to put front bell boots on some horses. This protects all the surfaces of the hoof as well as the shoe.


standing wraps on a horse after 24 hours of travel

These are after 24 hours of travel – trailer, airplane, trailer again.


If someone else is shipping my horse, I prefer velcro shipping boots covering the hocks.


  • They are easy on and easy off for the handlers, especially if the trip requires layovers and you can not be there to wrap. Most of the common shipping boots have “built-in” bell boots.


  • This is also up to the horse – and if he will tolerate the hind boots as they cover the hock. Some horses will not, and end up kicking to the point of injury or trailer damage. In that case, standing wraps are your best bet.


Always provide some form of leg protection if possible.


  • At one point in time, I incorrectly thought that shipping boots and standing wraps were pointless, and did you really need them to go 5 miles down the road?


  • And then one day I watched a horse calmly unloading from a rig. No leg protection. He calmly and innocently slipped off the side of the ramp and removed all of the skin and hair from his fetlock to his knee. Save yourself the heartache and certain veterinary bills by always protecting those legs. It’s not just while they are ON the rig – it’s the getting on and off.


single horse in two horse trailer

Some horses like to tempt fate and slide off the sides of ramps or the back edge of the trailer. There is no surer way to have a severe injury.


  • If your horse decides that shipping boots and standing wraps are not his thing – then you have some training and desensitization to do. It’s for his own good, your peace of mind, and your wallet.


  • Here’s some info on wrapping tails, too, just in case you like to do that when shipping.




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Roma Deluxe Shipping Boots


Classic Equine shipping boots

Another style of shipping boot

Fancy pink shipping boots


Horze brand shipping boots

Valena Front Boots – pick your size and color

Valena Hind Boots – pick your size and color

Fancy quilts


Perri’s Standing Bandages, Pack of 4 – so many colors to choose from


Easy to use Back On Track boots


One style of leg quilts, from Intrepid International


Yet another style of quilt

Back on Track no-bows


A no-bow option


No bows


These are no-bows


Ice Horse Pair of Tendon Leg Wraps for Equine Therapy – Comes with 4 Ice Packs


These ice packs make for easy cooling of your horse’s legs and hooves. They last for hours.

This tall boot can be filled with ice or ice packs to help the horse with laminitis.


These affordable boots can be filled with ice to help your horse.



EasyCare Easyboot Glove Soft Hoof Boot – these boots are designed for riding, not hoof packing, and have a more precise fit.


These Cloud boots are great for the horse that needs extra cushion, like the horse with laminitis



Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker with pads



Hoof Wraps Brand Bandage – Affordable wrap for hoof protection



Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black – thick-soled hoof boot for riding and hoof wrapping.


LeMieux Proshell Brushing Boots

Professionals Choice VenTECH All-Purpose Boots

WOOF WEAR Sport Brushing Boots – so many colors! 


Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots Pro-K 3D Air-Mesh Horse Boots

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