boredom busting toys for horses

Boredom busters and slow feeder ideas for your horse



hay net outside stall window for boredom


There may be some times in your horse’s life when he needs to chill out for a bit.


  • Stall rest is definitely one of those times. Awful and unsafe weather keeps us out of the saddle sometimes, a horse’s friend moving away, and other stressful situations warrant some mental interaction for your horse.


  • Horses on diets, horses with ulcers, and even horses that are just plain ‘ol horses can benefit from a slow feeder as well. There are plenty of ways to make your horse’s meals last longer, which occupies his brain and keeps his body in a more natural state.


  • This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are tons of ideas out there, these are the ones that I have used before.


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horse pushing a horse toy


Train and combat boredom at the same time

train your horse to do anything book

This is the best horse book, ever.


  • I can’t love this book any more than I already do. Years ago, I read this like a maniac and turned my unsafe and dangerously spooky horse into a lovely, trustworthy creature that would happily trot through the fields without a bridle. More on that story here.


  • Boredom is a mental thing, and since we usually can’t hook our ponies up with some binge-watching TV, get involved. Work on his brain at the same time as teaching him how to learn.


How to Train Your Horse to do Anything Book This book literally changed my horse’s life.


This is one style of clicker that you can use with the book.


How to bust your horse’s boredom with food and slow feeders.


  • Just keep it flowing. All the livelong day. I don’t mean let him decide on what volume of hay to eat, that still needs to be reasonable. I do mean that you should give him some eating challenges so his noms last longer. And yes, you can get slow feeders for grains and pellets.


May hay net styles to choose from.



You can also pack this toy full of hay, and let him move around and whilst eating slowly. Great for some horses in larger spaces.


Durvet/Equine D-Pre-Vent Feeder- Black 20X12 Inch



How to get rid of boredom with horse toys.


  • Some horses want their toys loose, others prefer their toys to be tethered. You get to do some experimenting here. Some toys incorporate food, some don’t.


  • Nothing says “I love you, horse” more than an indestructible toy that you can stuff with your horse’s favorite snack. Well, your horse might disagree, but whatevs.


  • Please be fanatical about what sorts of treats you are giving – many are literally just sugar formed into a shape. Which is great, for SOME horses. You also want to make sure your horse paces himself. HA! Most horses need to have their sugary snacks removed.

This wall-mounted contraption hangs out in corners and gives your horse something to play with.

Another wall-mounted contraption, this one for letting your horse rub and scratch without you there to cater to his every last whim.

Hide treats in this thing and let your horse roll it around.

A dangling combo of toy and treat.

This stall snack will definitely keep him occupied. Maybe too much?

Wow this is weird, but hey – if you have a carrot fiend in the barn, he would probably dig this thing. Like, a lot.

The Jolly Ball. If your horse doesn’t play with it, I’ll be the barn dogs will.

This is one of those giant soccer balls for horses. I don’t know why some horses go bananas for them, they just do.


I hope you have been inspired to keep your horse busy! And thank you for all of your support.