Stock up your tack room with this spring shopping list for your horse


There are some top priorities for springtime horse grooming and care – laminitis prevention and shedding! Then tackle the flies and pastern dermatitis prevention and treatment. Thanks, spring showers – you bring the flowers, but you also bring the mud and scratches. You’re kind of a jerk, rain, when you really think about it. Oh – and if you are so inclined, you can pick up some blanket cleaning and waterproofing stuff so that you are not storing stinky blankets all summer long.


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greenguard grazing muzzle and black halter



Here’s my springtime shopping list for my horse


  • The absolute top of my list is a muzzle to make sure my horse won’t be a victim of laminitis. Spring is dangerous – especially if your horse is metabolically challenged. I use the GG-Equine muzzle, and now it comes in super fun colors like raspberry and lime!


  • Next on my list is grooming, shedding, and springtime spruce-ups. I can’t EVER say enough good things about the wet and dry HandsOn Grooming Gloves. These make shedding a breeze, and you can easily use them on your horse’s legs and face and all of the part. BONUS – use code PEG at checkout for some free shipping! #score


  • This is going to sound weird, and if you know me at all, that’s normal. I also use grooming oil to help my horse shed. There’s a point at which your arms are going to fall off and you just can’t curry anymore. So bust out a washcloth and some No. 1 Light Oil to pick up the stray hairs. Bonus here – mega shine and super conditioning of your horse’s coat.


Shapley's No. 1 light oil grooming oil


  • I also clip my horse in the spring. He tends to be extra fuzzy, and the weather warms up long before his winter fuzzies are gone. I body clip with KM 10’s, and do the rest with trimmers, like the Chromado. Trimmers are handy for wounds, bridle paths, fetlocks, and all of the little places.


  • And then there are the oh-so-fun springtime skin issues. Mud can create lots of problems, not the least of which is scratches and equine pastern dermatitis. I’m a huge fan of using socks for your horse. Yes, you read that correctly, socks. The silver in these socks helps all sorts of leg and skin issues. Pair it with some medicated shampoo and you are in business!


sox for horses silver whinny on a leg up close

You can order these fancy socks at



  • Nothings says “Spring Is Here!” quite like skin funk on your horse. Between the mud, sweat, and shedding, your horse’s skin might need some help. Medi-Care shampoo is totally soothing and helpful in that department.

Medi-Care shampoo has Tea-Tree Oil and Lemongrass to soothe irritated skin. And, because it’s Shapley’s, you can guarantee that your horse will shine. And smell fantastic!


  • There’s a lot I do for hoof health – diet, proper farrier work, staying ahead of thrush, etc. Spring presents a huge hoof challenge with its wet/dry cycle. I use a hoof hardener to stay ahead of cracks and loose shoes and seedy toe.


  • Now let’s tackle fly control. If I had a penny for every fly that I have cussed out, I’d be a kabillionaire. But luckily I have these handy dandy things to keep them away from my horse, instead.


  • I have no qualms about dressing my horse from top to bottom with protective gear. I like this Mio sheet, it’s ultra-light. The downside is that it can tear a bit easily and pills up if the velcro snags it. The upside is that I’ve had my original one for two summers now, heading into a third.


  • And then there’s the subject of getting your winter blankets sorted, cleaned, waterproofed, and stored until the fall.


Stock up here for your horse supplies! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but it’s ZERO extra cents to you.  You can also visit my Amazon storefront here:  PEG storefront.

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Shapley's No.1 Light Oil
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Fly Whisk

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SHOOFLY Horse Leggins for fly control
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