spring clean the barn

Spring cleaning the barn!

It’s spring cleaning time – which is great to get things in order and make sure you are ready for summer. I like to do some massive cleaning in the spring, and also some massive organizing. Here’s a quick list of some projects to tackle!


  • Professionally wash and pack up the blankets! Sometimes you can do this and switch to a lighter blanket as the days get warmer. Now is the time for blanket repairs also, and if one is damaged beyond repair, now is also the time for tack shop sales on winter blankets! I like to store my freshly cleaned blankets in those vacuum bags. This saves space and keeps the bugs and mice out.


horse blanket on railing to dry

I like to clean and then re-waterproof my horse’s blankets with a spray, using a fence or railing is helpful.


  • Time to clean out the vet kit and fridges, defrost the freezers, and start the deep cleaning. Check expiration dates, declutter, and organize!


Your horse’s Vet Kit should be up to date and restocked.


  • If you don’t do this on a regular basis, take the bridles apart to clean. (If you clean daily, you can go a lot longer between take-apart cleanings.) Double-check stitching and oil unused or rarely used tack if needed.


  • Now is the time to deploy fly predators if you use them (depending on the climate). It’s also the time to put into action your fly control protocols. You may need to add a few more cycles if you use automatic fly control systems, or it may be time to turn the compost or have the manure pile picked up.
  • Service the trailer before the horse shows start! You will need to check out the inside of your trailer, as well as the outside. I prefer to do a yearly service from a professional trailer servicing company, but in between those visits, it’s always prudent to do inspections and check tire pressures! For more on trailer tire care, this article has you covered.

trailer hitch


  • Is it time to put the rainwater collection bins away? Or start using them? How is your compost pile doing? Time to spread around the farm and flowerbeds?


  • Spring is often muddy and mucky – perhaps in your area, this is a great time to create some trenches around horse areas to divert spring rains. For more on mud control, read this awesome article.


horse stall fans and snow blower
Blow dust out of your stall fans.
  • Time to clean the fans and check the wiring. You can likely clean the fans, get an electrician to make sure all of the wires are in working order. A great way to get rid of some of the dust on fans is to use a blower. And maybe wear a facemask.
  • Bust out the calendar and start to plan your horse shows, clinics, vacations, and all of the fun things that go along with having decent weather!


What other things do you take care of in the spring?