clean your horse's webbed reins

Cleaning your webbed reins

Webbed reins are part densely woven fabric and part leather

  • These are, perhaps, the most tricky thing to clean, as you are working with two types of materials. The very nature and construction of these reins also make them a dirt and hair magnet. It’s also what makes these reins fantastic to ride with, durable, grippy, and the nubby leather stoppers help you make sure they are even in your fingers.


webbed reins



Cleaning your webbed reins


  • Cross my fingers that the horse that is wearing them doesn’t sweat. And also that he doesn’t get any hairs stuck to them.


  • Since that’s not going to happen, I make use of my favorite, and super tough, nylon brush to dig into the nooks and crannies to remove hair and dried sweat. On a side note, these brushes are also great for removing “stuff” from the bottom of your jeans and the undersides of saddle pads.



stiff brush for tack cleaning

Having a stiff brush helps for woven reins and about 9,734 other things.


  • Sometimes a stiff brushing will do, and you can clean the leather stoppers and ends with a leather cleaner and conditioner. Using a washcloth around your finger is an easy way to control the leather cleaner on the skinny leather stoppers.


  • When it’s time to really clean the reins, grab a bucket. Add some warm water, a few drops of a super mild soap like natural dish detergent or Castile soap, and dunk your reins. Grab your nylon brush and scrub, scrub, scrub.


  • Hang to dry! Out of the sun, of course.


woven reins


  • Use your leather conditioner of choice to lather on the leather stoppers and the rein ends after the webbing has dried, and you are good to go!!


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