How to get rid of your horse’s sweat marks!


This is “easy”. It’s called elbow grease, plus a bit of time. But we are sometimes short on both, so here are some tips to getting those sweat marks out. Get out some tools. Sweat creates a dull finish on your horse’s coat, so bust out some specialty tools to get the sweat marks gone!


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  • You can use a stiffer brush to groom your horse. This works best if your horse is still sweaty or damp. Two options – brush your horse against the hair to make his coat stand up. Or, brush with the hair to sort of smooth things out. If the weather is cool or cold, I always suggest a cooler on top to prevent the cold air and wind from chilling your horse.



Stiff brush and cactus cloth

I love both of these tools – the stiff brush and the cactus cloth.


  • Speaking of coolers, use them to help your horse dry! Fleece coolers are great in cooler weather, wool coolers are my favorite in cold weather, and Irish knits are best for summer. If your horse is truly soaked, layer them in cold weather and remove the bottom layers as they get damp.



  • If the weather is agreeable, you can use a damp rag to wipe away some of the sweat. Best for warmer temps, unless you are going full out and hot toweling. This is fine if your horse’s sweat is dry or damp.



  • A cactus cloth is great for dealing with sweat marks. It’s a loose horse loofah and it’s amazing. I think it works best on a horse whose sweat has dried.


cactus cloth and blue brush



  • Grooming gloves are also a great option. You can use them if your horse is wet, damp, or dry.



  • Washcloths and small towels can be used to rub out sweat marks. This is a super option if you also want to give your horse a nice massage.


So, of course, there are many ways to go about this. The easiest thing to do in the summer is to rinse your horse and brush. In the fall and winter, I suggest coolers to dry everything and then buff out the sweat with your favorite grooming too.



sweat marks on a black horse with a winter coat



  • Also, consider clipping in the winter if you are constantly working on a sweat problem. Your horse might just be more comfortable! For all you could ever want to know about clipping, there’s a huge bank of articles here for you!




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