make your own cleaning supplies

Clean your barn with homemade cleaners


As if grooming and mucking and riding wasn’t enough… Do we also need to keep the barn CLEAN? I guess it’s not mandatory, but it sure is nice. It’s also nice to have your own stash of ingredients to make your own cleaners – just in case you want to be totally green. This also reduces the clutter at the barn – no need for a bunch of separate cleaners, just a few simple ingredients and you can mix as you need.


Just a few of the things that need cleaning at the barn besides horse-related stuff:



  • Counters and walls in the feed room and tack room
  • Bathrooms (are you lucky enough to have a shower at the barn, too?)
  • Any drains (aisle, wash stalls, sinks, shower)
  • Stall fronts
  • And all of that horse laundry!
  • Fridge and freezer

A few ingredients to have on hand:



  • Vinegar – distilled white is best for cleaning (tons more uses for vinegar here!)
  • Baking soda
  • Reusable bottle with a nozzle
  • Water
  • Maybe a lemon or two
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Olive oil


kitchen items for cleaning olive oil vinegar lemon


Cleaning recipes for various things at the barn:


For stained laundry:


  • Hydrogen peroxide can help eliminate yellow sweat stains, blood stains, and grass stains. It can also lighten fabrics, so do a patch test on your purple saddle pad in an inconspicuous area first. Great for show whites.


  • Same goes for baking soda. Make a 2:1 baking soda to water paste and pretreat any stains. This may also bleed out some of your item’s color, but will work to lift stains before you launder.


  • Vinegar in the rinse cycle of the laundry is also a fabric softener.


baking soda container

So many uses.


For cleaning bathrooms:


  • Lemons can help remove hard water stains. And they come with their own “handle” after you cut them in half.


  • For general cleaning in the bathroom, use a 1:1 vinegar to water combo in a spray bottle. Avoid grout lines and natural stone surfaces. Vinegar can also help remove toilet stains in the bowl by using full strength.


  • Your baking soda scrub that was made for laundry can gently buff stains from grout and counters, too.


For cleaning wood surfaces:


  • Olive oil, vinegar, and some water in your spray bottle make a nice wood cleaner. Be careful with the olive oil amount, it can leave the wood greasy and therefore a wonderful way to attract more dust.

For cleaning stall fronts and stuff:


  • Try your vinegar and water mixture, you may need to toss in some baking soda, too.


wash rack drain

Drains become stinky gross over time!


For cleaning out drains:


  • Drains are the stinkiest things to clean, but using baking soda can help. Use one portion of baking soda (try 1/2 cup at first for a small drain). Pour in the drain! Follow that with the same amount of vinegar. And yes, you will get the elementary school science fair volcano reaction. Let this simmer for a few minutes, like 5 or 10, then flush with scalding hot water.


How do you make your own cleaning supplies for the barn?