Reuse your horse’s quilts at the barn!


I have, over the years, collected an assortment of quilts – some match, most don’t, some are new, and some are as old as the hills. But I always hang onto them – just in case I come up with some great use for them. Here are some quilt uses that I have come up with. I feel certain that you guys have many more. And don’t be afraid to use scissors!


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  • Extra padding for tack that rubs. In a pinch, you can use a bit of quilt or no-bow bandage around a crown piece, a grazing muzzle, or anything else that can rub your horse.



grazing muzzle wrapped in a leg quilt

Wrap up what rubs your horse and see if that helps!


  • Boot liners for you. I have a pair of super fabulous boots that don’t fit perfectly, but a bit of strategically cut no-bow wrap under my socks does the trick. This is also a bit warmer in the winter.


  • Wrapping delicate things for travel. Horse stuff can be expensive – protect it! Instead of tossing your helmet in the trailer for a show, wrap it in a quilt inside a re-purposed grocery sack for safe travels.


  • Blanket rub deflector. Use a quilt or no-bow to protect your horse from wither rubs. The blanket holds the quilt in place. Tuck a quilt halfway over your horse’s withers and fold the remainder over the blanket.


  • You can also use the quilt as a bib for your horse if he gets neck dents. The blanket will hold the quilt in place.


leg quilt used as padding for wither area under blanket

You don’t have to sew this in – the blanket will keep the quilt nice and snug.


  • Soft and squishy first aid bandage. For those weird to-bandage areas, using a cut-up quilt over a knee or hock gives your horse some added room.


  • Pet beds. Quilts often act as dog or barn cat magnets.


  • Also good to wrap around your ankles or knees when you are breaking in a new pair of boots. Nothing beats a custom-fit anti-blister quilt.


stack of horse leg quilts

As leg quilts come in different thicknesses, you might find even more uses. Or just let the barn cat use ’em.


for thoughts on quilts vs. no-bows, read this



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