ways to use zeolites at the barn

The many ways to use zeolites at the barn, and at home.



Zeolites exist for one reason – and that’s to make everything better. Basically.


  • Zeolites are a group of specially formed organic minerals, originating deep in volcanic areas and other rock formations. Zeolites are unique in that their alumina and silica structure has room to hold water and other substances.


  • They are even more unique in that getting them wet won’t change their structure. They won’t get mushy or melt.


You can use zeolites to make smells go away and to soak things up. Super handy to have around animals! Here are all of the things that I use zeolites for:


  • Ammonia. Under (or over) bedding, zeolites eliminate harmful odor. Yes, you can use baking soda. But baking soda is literally twice the price. For more details on ammonia, read this awesome article.


  • Cat boxes. I have a bag of zeolites at the barn, and a bag at home to mix with the cat litter. Nothing is “ripe” when I come home at the end of the day!


sweet pdz on ice zeolites

Zeolites can definitely help with icy patches.


  • Ice patches. Because zeolites don’t melt, they create a sandpapery texture to ice patches. Save yourself from a nasty fall. More on that here.


  • Compost enhancer. Zeolites from the stall end up in the compost – which creates then act as a nitrogen-rich soil conditioner. Your veggies will thank you. For more info on starting a compost system, read this.


  • Bug control – the structure of zeolites can help with bug control when insects come into contact with them.


sweet pdz zeolites in container with scoop

Zeolites are available in granule form. Use a water bottle to distribute.


  • Mold and mildew – zeolites can soak up any moisture, and eat that damp smell. Or mystery smell.


  • Chicken coops can benefit greatly from zeolites, too. Use under straw in the coop, or just use zeolite granules as bedding by itself.


  • Spills – soak up whatever you spill. Good for water leaks in tack rooms, spilled hoof dressing, gas and oil spills in the shop or tool shed.



powder sweet pdz zeolites

Zeolites are also available in powder form. Your choice.


  • Mystery smell eliminating. I’m not saying your helmet is funny-smelling, but you could toss some zeolites in a sock or bowl and put ‘em in your tack room or tack trunk.

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Zeolites are from the earth! Totally non-toxic. And stinky smell removing. How do you use ’em?