How to keep your car from smelling like the barn!


Over time, we tend to become immune to the barn smells. And we also tend to bring those barn smells into the car with us. And then we horrify our non-horse friends. Over the years, I have found a few ways to keep the car smelling more like car and less like poop.


  • Change your shoes. Leave the barn shoes at the barn. Travel to and from the barn with a “normal” pair of sneaks or heels or flops or whatever.


rubber car mats

Forget luxury and go for practical here!


  • Think about rubber floor mats instead of carpet. Fibers will trap odors, and even if you change your shoes, there will still be some odor residue that your car can trap. Also, rubber mats are easy to hose off.


  • If you have fabric seats, consider a seat cover. Washable and sometimes stylish. I use a thin towel to sit on. This is helpful in the warmer months if I’ve been sweating a lot, too.


  • Don’t leave horse items in the car. Even the most perfectly laundered stuff can make your trunk smell funky. Consider transporting horse laundry and stuff in large plastic bags. This also helps contain the hair that might find it’s way into your car.


car deodorizer

You can’t go wrong by covering up funky smells with eye-watering fake scents.


  • If you park your car in a garage or other safe and weatherproof spot, keep the windows down. I do this year-round to keep the air flowing through a bit.


  • You can also keep your windows all the way UP at the barn to keep aromas away.


  • You also can’t go wrong with some sort of air freshener for your car.


How do you keep your car smelling like anything other than a barn?

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