bored and destructive horses


Keep the bored and destructive horse busy.


Stall rest can be challenging – so keep your horse occupied. Or, your horse is just bored.


  • There will likely be a time in every horse’s life that he will need to be on stall rest. This is when you need to break out the big guns to keep him occupied, so he keeps his stall intact and does not injure himself even more. It’s also very dangerous and can lead to big expensive Veterinary and Plumbing bills.


horse with head out of window and haynet outside

Get creative. This hay net hangs outside so that the goats and horses can interact. A nice change of scenery from just looking at stall walls!


  • Have your Veterinarian do a complete exam and look for a medical issue, just in case if he’s not on stall rest but wants to eat the barn and fencing and his environment.


  • Be sure your horse’s diet is on target. Is your horse missing something that is making him look for it in your barn? Your actual barn?? Work with your veterinarian or nutritionist to make sure.


  • Is your horse getting enough exercise? Would changing the exercise routine from morning to night work? Or vice versa?


  • Does your horse have enough social time? Consider adding a good horse buddy right next door if you can shuffle the horses around.


horse pushing a horse toy

Toys are good for bored and destructive horses!



  • Have you tried hanging a mirror in the stall? Not glass, of course. Mirrors are sometimes used to give horses the idea they have a friend and can be used on the trailer as well.


  • You need to coat your pipes, doors, etc. with a deterrent. Be sure to use one that does not test if you show. A bar of soap (the stinkiest you can find) works wonders, as do some of the chew deterrent sprays and pastes.


  • Add toys to your horse’s stall. Many toys encourage a little movement and thought as they can contain treats.


  • Can you feed a bit less in the day and use a hay net or other slow feeder overnight? Maybe you want to only feed grain in the am and lunch, and not pm?



horse eating hay inside a stall from a haynet
Hay nets provide much work for little food – great to pass the time!
  • Is your horse getting enough turnout?


  • Have you tried another stall? Some horses just don’t like their neighbors!


  • Is your horse allergic to something in the environment that makes him irritated or uncomfortable and therefore acting out? Remember that allergies can often have very varied signs.



horse playing with a stuffed toy

Some horses like different types of toys.



The real challenge here is finding out WHY your horse is tearing up the barn. Then go from there!


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The treat dispensing game, shown above with my friend’s horse Toddy, is a great way to occupy your horse when bored. There are also some links for deterring the chewer. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. There is no extra charge to you, and I thank you very much!


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