holiday gift guide for horse lovers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Horses AND Equestrians!


Here’s my holiday gift guide for horses, and the equestrians and people that love them. With fair warning, there’s no middle ground here. I veer from practical all the way to outrageous with no stops in between. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, and this is ZIPPO extra charge to you! I thank you for your support!


And I hope you like unicorns and stuff.

Gift ideas for the equestrian!


Most of these are for staying warm. Some are just ridiculous.


You literally can’t enough pairs of warm and tall socks for winter. These are for ski socks, which are delightfully toasty.

In case you wanted everyone to know you love horses whilst you are wearing warm and tall socks.

Because why not. Treat yourself.

Unicorn socks for lounging around being awesome and possibly tooting rainbows.

Unicorn glitter tights for not lounging around. These are, instead, for being seen and maybe even pointed at.

FUZZY LINED WATERPROOF BOOTS that are quite affordable.

Thinsulate lined warm boots that are less affordable and more fashionable.

Shorter insulated winter boots just in case the tops of your tibias get too hot.

Unicorn boots for making splashes.

Lined breeches. Heaven.

Ski-type pants with zippers for barn chores and riding in the bitterness of winter.

Wool baselayer for looking like a raspberry and staying warm.

Unicorn yoga pants for winter exercise. Indoor exercise.

Silky baselayers.

Fuzzy base layer.

NOT a base layer, and might scare the horses if you wore it to the barn. Otherwise, a perfectly cozy adult robe to wear.

Lovely riding gloves so your fingers don’t get frostbite.

If your toes are good enough to have their own warmers, your hands should be, too.

How do you describe this helmet cover that also gives your neck a hug?

Unicorn hat.


Holiday gift ideas for your horse:


This hill I’m going to die on. Every horse owner needs one of these for gut sounds and taking vitals.

This is the other hill I’m going to die on.

For grooming, making tea, and bit dunking. This hot water kettle is a barn must-have.

Bit warmers for your horse’s chompers and mouth.

Shoulder guard for rubby blankets.

Therapeutic back blanket.

Zoomy striped quarter sheet.

Hock care! No hocks, no horse!

Your horse as an elf.

Your horse as a reindeer.

Your horse’s legs as an elf.

Your horse’s legs as modern art.

Your horse’s leg spa.

Peppermint flavored, too!

Make him work for his treats!

Horse “snax” – the low sugar kind.

Only the best brushes will do!

You can’t beat some nice, new grooming tools.

Happy shopping folks, and thank you for all of your support over the years! Happy Holidays!