cleaning bits

Tips for cleaning bits!



I find the easiest thing to help you in the bit cleaning department is to dunk the bit in a bucket of clean water after you take off the bridle.


  • Then hang it to drip. You can clean it now, or wait until later. Giving the bit a good dunk and shake will get most of the “goo” while it waits around for a real cleaning.


  • When I’m ready to clean, I dunk again and then use a rag or washcloth to wipe the bit. I pay extra attention to the joints and where the ring meets the bit.


dirty bit and dirty leather up close

This is where the rubber meets the road! Lots of goop here, be sure to clean inside the leather loop.


Much of the bridle goop that accumulates on your bit rings comes from the loops in the bridle that hold your bit rings.


  • Clean buckles and attachments with a toothbrush or a pair of loofah gloves. Having an old toothbrush helps reach into the nooks and crannies of the bit itself, too. Please do not use a co-worker’s toothbrush unless they really, really deserve it.


toothbrush cleaning inside the bit loop of leather

Keeping your bridle goop-free helps a lot.


  • A wash in the dishwasher also works for cleaning your horse’s bit, but if you dunk and clean every day, you will never need to do this. You can also toss your stirrups and spurs in the dishwasher if you like.


  • For show day, clean the bit rings, and only the rings, with metal polish. Metal polishing cloths are great, you can also use these cloths to polish spurs, buckles, and stirrups.



toothbrush cleaning bit joint

You don’t have to use a toothbrush every day. On your horse’s bit that is.


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