Horse grooming basics – curry comb options!


A few types of horse grooming tools and what they are super good for. And also not good for.

Metal Curry Comb.


  • This is a beast of a curry comb. It’s not forgiving at all, has no flexibility to it, and can be painful for a sensitive horse. Even if your horse does like it, It’s best to avoid using a metal curry comb over any bony areas, like the shoulder, hips, or below the elbow and stifle joints.


  • I use a metal curry comb to scrape hair and dried sweat from western saddle pads. Metal curry combs are also super for scraping your brushes against to get rid of hair and dirt. You can find metal curry combs in two styles, the traditional curry style (below), and the shedding tool style (Second photo below). I find them fairly interchangeable.


  • Metal curry combs don’t fare too well in the washrack, so find another type to use during bath time.




Good, old fashioned rubber curry combs.

  • These are the general workhorse of the curry comb family. You can find them in all different colors, sizes, and depths. They also vary in flexibility, let your horse tell you if he prefers a softer one versus a stiffer one.


  • I have one that is relatively stiff, and very deep. It’s great for “that spot”, and I think the extra deep design gets more dirt collected. I find it particularly satisfying to bang it out on the ground, instant gratification for your grooming efforts. These styles are not good for faces, ears, and legs, but you can use them in the wash rack for bath time.




Curry mitts.


  • These pimpled gloves are great for sensitive horses, faces, bellies, the lower legs, and all places in between. They are awesome because you can fold them like a taco to really get into nooks and crannies. Is it weird that your horse has nooks and crannies? NO.


  • Also super in the wash rack. And good for sensitive horses and ponies. And easy to clean and store.


  • Downside? You get what you pay for. I can’t keep these on my hands and the nubs wear off so easily.



The pimple mitt, a close relative of the jelly two-sided variety of curry comb. I can’t figure out how to get my hand to stay inside this thing!




The HandsOn grooming glove – my fave!


Jelly mitts.


These guys are also very versatile, as the curry mitts. The pimples are different on each side, and you can still treat them like a taco and fold it up. You may find that the nubs on this style of curry comb also work well to loosen the hair on saddle pads. I really like the stiffer nubs to remove dried poultice from the lower legs.



Specialty curry combs.


These guys range in color, shape, texture, design, you name it. They are still curry combs, designed to bring the dirt and dander up. Just pick what you like and get to working those circles! Some are designed to be used in and out of the wash rack, so added bonus there.






What’s your favorite type of curry comb? Or favorite use for a curry comb?




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