uses for the stiff brush

The best brush to have in your grooming kit – the stiff brush!


  • Almost every horse supply catalog has stiff nylon or synthetic brushes listed for grooming kits. I have yet to find a horse that really likes their entire body being brushed with one of these, maybe they are ok with their itchy spots being worked on.


Lots of uses for a stiff brush, besides brushing your horse


  • Clean the linings of your horse’s sport boots. Hair, sweat, and dirt can collect in there. Brushing them with a stiff nylon brush saves your horse’s legs and your washing machine.


stiff brush cleaning blanket straps

Blanket straps love to get all poopy. Remove most of the manure and then you can rinse away the rest.


  • Brush your horse blankets. This keeps the smell down, gets rid of stray hairs on the lining, and keeps the lining of your horse blankets a bit fresher. This is also a lot easier than washing your horse’s blankets!


  • Freshen up your horse’s saddle pads. Again, getting rid of dried sweat and hair saves your washing machine.


  • Scrub your horse’s feed buckets and tubs! A stiff brush with a handle is great for this job, but a handheld version is fine, too. Dirty buckets are a pet peeve of mine, so a strong and easy scrubby type brush is the way to go.


  • Get shampoo bubbling! During bath time, you can dollop a bit of shampoo onto your stiff nylon brush and use that to spread the shampoo around. Especially good for caked-on hoof mud. Just be aware of your horse’s sensitivity to the stiffness of the bristles.


  • Scrub the water trough. Not a great task to do, but necessary. Made easier with something that can cut through the grime.


stiff brush on a black dressage saddle



  • Get the stray hairs out of your tack! I know that you can curry comb and brush your horse for days – but you will still get hairs on your saddle. Instead of glycerine soap gluing them into the saddle, remove the hairs first with your stiff nylon brush. If your leather is textured. I wouldn’t try this on smooth leather.


  • Clean the bottom of your pants. Don’t you just love the layer of dirt, shavings, dust, hair, barn magic stuff that accumulates on the lower part of your jeans or breeches. Brush it off before you head out or stop for errands!


stiff brush on shoes

Shavings in your laces and at the bottom of your jeans is a smelly giveaway that you were at the barn.