Packing grains and supplements for horse shows


With all of the things that you need to remember to pack for a show, it would seem easiest to pre-make some bags of grains and supplements and hit the road. That may not be the best way.


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  • Ideally, grains and supplements should be mixed at the last minute. You never know what will happen to the efficacy of supplements when they are taken out of their containers, much less when they are mixed up days in advance.


  • So that may make you wonder if you need to pack all of your containers… ugh…..and then all of your grain….double ugh…


small tupperware tubs for supplements

You can use baggies with a scoop, or pre-measure into teeny tiny containers with lids. These are washable, so bonus there.


  • For supplements that are given in tiny amounts (like a tablespoon or so), you can use a baggie labeled with that supplement. Include a scoop. A note on scoops – I try and save them all from the containers before I recycle the containers so that I can have an extra scoop for shows.


coffee can for feed room storage

A former coffee can now makes organizing supplements at shows easier.


  • For supplements that are given in larger amounts, you can use storage containers or large bags. A handy dandy coffee container with a handle works well.


  • To carry all of these labeled bags and tiny baby-sized containers, you could repurpose a large supplement bucket. Got a lid? Bonus.


used supplement tub

I always seem to have one of these empty containers (with a lid) to stay organized.


For grains, pellets, etc, I find it best to bring a rodent and waterproof can (wheels are a plus). This is great for a long show with multiple horses.


  • I have been to plenty of shows with multiple horses and we just put the grain bags into large, lidded trash cans with wheels. You can scoop directly from the cans, and then add your supplements.


  • For one horse, you can measure your grains into baggies for each meal if you like. Find a container or bag that is rodent and waterproof and you are good to go.


How do you manage to transport and mix grains and supplements at horse shows?


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