8 ways to use a yoga mat at the barn


I don’t always like to buy new things, I sometimes like to problem solve, and I definitely spend a lot of time at the barn and on my yoga mat. But what about my older mats that simply collect dust? Time to dust them off to re-use them at the barn.


There are lots of ways to use a yoga mat at the barn


  • It never hurts to have a little more support underfoot, so use a yoga mat as a doormat and foot wiper. Or anywhere that you stand a lot – like at the tack cleaning station or in the feed room. Your feet will thank you.


yoga mat as a door mat in a tack room

A handy doormat recycled from a yoga mat. You can cut up a yoga mat to make several doormats.


  • Let your barn cat and barn dog enjoy the cushion of a yoga mat. You can easily cut them, so they can go under an existing bed for traction and cush. You can also put towels or cushions on a yoga mat for a makeshift bed.


  • Speaking of your barn cats and dogs – if they have water and food bowls at the barn, use a yoga mat as a placemat. This helps to contain spills and stops bowls from sliding around.


  • If you have wonky shelving in your tack room, or you want to protect it from, well, barn stuff, use yoga mat pieces as shelf liners.


  • Blue yoga mats are especially nice for simulating a liverpool jump for your horse training purposes. Placed under a jump they resemble water or something that is definitely going to eat your horse. Placed over a jump they resemble a more solid jump or something that is definitely going to eat your horse.


groom with horse and yoga mat


  • Use yoga mat pieces to cover your horse’s saddle rack. And hard edges of a saddle rack will damage the flocking or stuffing in your saddle, so make the rack cushy and rounded.


  • Take your mat to the car – line your trunk with a mat for some grocery stability. I suppose you could also get creative and do a custom fitting trunk liner. That certainly will keep all of the barn “stuff” from marinating in your trunk’s fabric liner.


  • You might also consider using a yoga mat for yoga. At the barn. Just a wacky idea!

equestrian doing handstand