make your own fly traps

Fly traps – the good, the bad, the homemade!


In a nutshell, fly traps are awesome. You can buy them, or make your own.



  • So you have attacked the source of fly food and egg-laying goodness (manure) and provided your horses with a breeze, from fans or the wind! But you still have flies. So time to work on getting rid of the adults flying around.



sticky fly trap hanging in a barn

A sticky trap version of things.


big bag fly trap

This bag holds 40,000 flies. This is a lot of flies. A LOT.



How to make your own fly traps:


  • It’s easy – you only need a few things. A container, some bait (AKA really stinky stuff), and also a place to hang it. Away from the people. A location far away does a few things – keeps the stink away, and lures the flies away from the horses.


What you need to make a bottle type fly trap:


  • A two-liter bottle. You can also make smaller traps with smaller plastic beverage bottles, but then you may just be making more of them more often.


  • Some bait. This is what lures your flies to their doom. Insert ominous music here and also maybe some diabolical laughter. You have a few choices for fly trap bait:


    • Decaying fruits and veggies
    • Manure of some sort. Horse, dog, cat. It may not be effective when dried out.
    • A sugar-water solution. Add vinegar or not, your choice.
    • Some sort of meat product. This makes the biggest stink, so good luck with that.


fly trap parts

A craft so simple even I can do it.



It’s that simple. The how-to of making your trap:


  • Cut your bottle so that you can separate the top from the bottom, about 1/3 of the way down.


  • Fill the bottom with your fly bait of choice.


  • You may want to fill the trap with some water and a drop of dish soap to really mix things up. The water and soap will also drow the flies. Fantastic, right?


  • Put the top into the bottom upside down and secure with tape.


  • Hang your trap!



Do you use fly traps around the barn? Why or why not?


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