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One of my Goals at Pro Equine Grooms is to create a place for you to find what you need in one place to do your job.

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Prohibited Substance Lists

USEF: Click Here

FEI: Click Here


Notes for FEI Grooms

A starting place for resources and weblinks that you will need to do your job. There are a lot of rules – I have made them easier to find!

The FEI world is big, international, regulated, overwhelming, complicated, fun, difficult, rewarding, amazing, and the chance of a lifetime.

There are only a few diffences between being a FEI Groom, and a Groom, mainly in the regulations and procedures you must know. All other topics, like travel and prohibited substance lists, should be well versed by all Grooms.

This is the beginnings of a comprehensive list of resources that the FEI Groom will need to access at some point or another.

Rules and Regulations. These are specific to each of the FEI disciplines. You will need to be familiar with the rules for your discipline. For a list of each disciplines rules, go to At the bottom of the page there is a horizontal menu, click Rules, and then your discipline.

You will specifically need to master the rules about the jogs and barn check, as you will be getting the horse ready, and the stable area prepared for inspection.

Prohibited Substances. The list is long and scary and filled with a million drugs we have no idea how to pronounce. You will need to reference this list often and partner with your Veterinarian in the weeks and months before a competition. Most drugs have different withdrawl times. You can find the list of prohibited substances at This list is now also available for your smart phone as a free app. Don’t forget to research any supplements your horse is getting also. Know the rules about drug testing at shows.

Travel. This is a big one. Expect to cross state and national borders. Have a passport! You can get one at the post office in your town! If you will be doing some of the driving, you will need to be aware of your state’s requirements for a CDL (commercial driver’s license). And don’t forget about the states you are driving into! Here is a brief synopsis of the CDL requirements.


You may also be so lucky to travel by air. But hang on. You will need to check with the carrier to determine if you are approved to fly with the horse. Each carrier is different. There is an approval process you can go through if need be – just leave plenty of time!

Any sort of travel will test your resolve, as well as your horse’s stress levels. You need to be aware of your horse’s temperature, attitude, water and food intake, urine and manure output, among others.

Some other thoughts….

Being a FEI Groom can take you to a World Cup, Olympics, National Championships, International Championships, and beyond. You will hopefully get to see other parts of the world.

Get used to extra long hours and no days off – sometimes for months at a time. Get used to weird European weather (jackets in August.). Learn a bit of other languages. Get used to different foods.

You will become one of the few Grooms out there that gets to go behind the scenes at international shows and see the superstars of your discipline. Take lots of photos, meet lots of folks, and tell us all about it when you get home. (I’m not kidding about this part – we would love to hear stories!!)