Sleek EZ

The SleekEZ Grooming Blade!


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There are a few times that I really despise grooming horses – when they are crusted with mud and when they are shedding. Too much muddy dust, and too much hair everywhere!


This tool can simplify your de-mudding efforts, help the shedding horse, and make everyday grooming easier. The SleekEZ is a wooden elongated oval with a single shedding blade that removes mud, hair, and even fine dust from the coats of your animals. Three sizes are available, a small one, a medium one, and a larger one that can accomodate both hands. They are all appropriate for use on kitties, dogs, and horses.


You use the SleekEZ as you would any shedding blade – very carefully, in the same direction as the hair grows. I prefer that any shedding blade stay away from the bony areas on your horse, such as the withers, hips and shoulders. The SleekEZ can be used on these areas with a gentle hand. The single blade design gives you much more control and leverage than other shedding blades, so going over the pointy areas is much easier. And we all know that horses and animals like to surprise us, so no assuming that your super sensitive thin skinned pony will not like this! Play around to find an angle and pressure that “hits the spot”.


Bonus uses? Glad you asked! You can save your washing machine by using the SleekEZ to clean your western and english saddle pads. Run your blade over the dirty/hairy side to get the majority of “gunk” and sweat off before you toss into your machine. Also great for fabric or sheepskin lined horse leg boots or girth covers.


Another great use? Clean your sofa. That cat or dog hair that starts to take the shape of your pet on the cushions? Gone in a few seconds with one of the smaller SleekEZ blades, or use the larger horse size to cover more area if you have a lot of furry pets or a large area to cover.


Car or truck seats also covered in hair? No worries. Bust it out the SleekEZ again. This also works for your car’s trunk and floor mats, which we all know doubles as a muddy/hair tack storage area.