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Equi Cool Down – Products for People and Horses


This is a sponsored post. The companies that sponsor the product reviews compensate me to write them. Regardless, the opinions and uses that I find for the products are entirely my own, and I only suggest and recommend products that I personally use and believe my readers could benefit from. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.


Grooms and horse owners face a few major obstacles during their daily barn routine: Dirt and sweat. We also need to contend with taking care of our horses, in all sorts of weather and conditions. We are responsible for cooling them out. We are responsible for taking care of their tendons after exercise. We need to help them normalize their body temperatures in some conditions. Then, and only then, do we tend to our own needs. (Which, by the way, are similar to the horse’s needs, we just come second.)


The entire Equi Cool Down Line of products will help you do those things (for your and your horse). I’ll go ahead and tell you that the line of products is vast, and the technology is awesome and the price points are Groom friendly.


Equi Cool Down products are designed to do just that – cool things down. The unique fabric is thin, tough, and water activated. Get it wet, wring it out, shake it, and your Equi Cool Down product is ready to steal the heat from whatever you need it to. It turns a darker shade of blue when it’s soaked, and returns to a lighter blue after you have wrung the water out of it.


And this is where the huge product line comes in. If you think it, they make it. For your head, for your horse’s body. For your hands and neck, for your horse’s legs. All of the products work the same way, and the horse stuff is one size fits all.


After you are done using the Equi Cool Down, leave it damp and put it into a plastic bag or storage container. I promise this is not a science experiment. It won’t grow weird and gross moldy stuff, so rest assured that it can stay damp. If it does dry out accidentally, wet it again before you try and unfold the dry Equi Cool Down.

Here are some uses for these towels/beanies/wraps that I was able to come up with:

-Keeping cool under a helmet or hat (the human line has great stuff for Grooms and horse owners!)

-Helping a horse with anhidrosis cool down

-Cooling off horse legs after exercising

-Insect bite relief

-Fever relief (always call your Veterinarian in case of a fever)

-Help with cold therapy for injuries and areas of swelling (again, involve your Veterinarian)

-Keeping yourself cool while riding or doing barn chores

-Cold therapy for toes that have been stepped on

-Cooling off during a hot trailer ride (use a gallon mister to spritz and refresh during breaks)


I tried the Equi Cool Downs on my own horses, and then I also tried them out on myself. During a hot yoga class. And by hot, I mean 108 degrees and 35% humidity. I brought a freshly rinsed, wrung, and waved Equi Cool Down towel into class one day, to find out a few things.

-Would the Equi Cool Down stay cool in those conditions? YES YES YES.

-Does the Equi Cool Down absorb any sweat? A little, but who really cares because after an hour in that room the towel was still cool!


These towels are great to drape over your neck just under your collar to cool you down.


I also played around with the Equi Cool Down Equine Leg Wraps. These are designed to cool the legs down after a workout, and are basically shaped like a quilt or standing wrap, you can use them on the hocks, knees, tendons, whatever you need. They have three hook and loop closures with some elasticity to secure the wrap to the leg. When the heat from your horse is drawn out by the wraps, you can simply shake the wraps to cool them off again.


Equi Cool Down also makes an Equine Body Wrap, which is sort of like the horse version of cold wrapping paper. It’s basically a big blanket, which can be draped over your horse to cool his entire body. Great for horses with anhidrosis, and great for horses that may have a fever or have worked very hard on a warm day. For the eventers out there, this is a great tool for your 10 minute box or after your XC round is done.


You can drape your horse and then use a mist setting from a hose nozzle or a spray bottle with some water in it to activate the cooling process. Spritz and then shake the sides while on your horse to activate. (Easy!) It comes in a great storage bag, so keeping it damp in between uses is easy.


To clean, toss in the wash with mild detergent. Don’t dry! The entire product line is reusable and made without chemicals. You don’t need power, gel packs, or anything else.