How to clean your white leather horse tack.


  • With great bling, comes great responsibility… or something like that! While dark brown or black tack can be tricky to thoroughly clean, white leather is a royal pain to keep looking bright and new. Luckily, I have loads of tricks to clean your white leather horse tack.


  • Be sure to check your saddle or bridle manufacturer in case they have cleaning instructions. Also, be sure to test any cleaning tip on a hidden part of tack, just in case it doesn’t work out so well.


Keep your white leather accented tack super bright with these cleaning tips:


white leather accent on dressage bridle

So fancy….let’s keep it that way!


  • Keep the leather conditioned. When leather gets dry, it cracks. When it’s cracked, dirt has a lovely rent-free home. Start the conditioning routine as soon as you get the bridle so the leather can soften and become more supple. Be careful with oils, they can sometimes darken leather. A lederbalsam may be your best bet for the white parts of your horse’s tack.


  • Clean your tack after each use. I like to wipe with a damp towel or washcloth to get the dirt and sweat off right away.


  • Now you can clean with your regular tack soap and/or conditioner.


jump saddle with red piping and white accent

Yes, this is a real saddle.


Use a few household items to remove stains and tough dirt stuff:


  • Rubbing alcohol. But this can dry your leather, so extra conditioning following any application of rubbing alcohol.
  • Cornstarch. I have not tried this, but some leather care experts say that cornstarch rubbed into a stain can help remove it.
  • Toothpaste. The regular old-fashioned white kind. No stripes, no colors, just plain white toothpaste on white leather.
  • White shoe polish. Be sure to buff, buff, buff!
  • Foam erasers. These cleaning bad boys are actually super duper fine sandpaper, so use caution on white leather. I might save this for getting the dirt out of existing cracks.


It’s like when you are coloring your hair – do a patch test first.


Store your special white leather tack away from dust! Cabinets are a good choice, and if you don’t have a cabinet you can use a bridle bag instead.


How do you keep your white leather tack looking new?