How and why to clip your horse’s wound.


Regarding wound care, no other creature on the planet will give you as much practice as your horse. Because they can. It’s common for mystery wounds and cuts to appear seemingly out of nowhere. Our job? Take care of them! To do that, you must clip your horse’s wound.


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A cleaned and clipped wound has several benefits 


  • You can see things much better. This helps you determine if it might be a puncture or what is going on in there. Punctures can be super serious, so call the vet if you have any questions about a wound!


  • You can also flush and clean the wound safely without hair all over the place.


saline from IV bag to clean a horse leg wound

The cleaning begins.


  • You can apply the appropriate medicine, ointments, and topicals much better after you have clipped a wound.


  • You can monitor for proud flesh more easily.


clippers cleaning a hock sore

This previously clipped ouchie is getting a touch-up before more meds are applied. I prefer to use ointments to keep things moist and flexible. But I still leave it up to the vet to give me the best action plan.


A few tips about clipping a wound.


  • Use razor-sharp and clean blades! A #40 blade is best, this leaves the least amount of hair. Some fancy 5 in 1 blades go from a #9 to a #40, so you are covered there.


  • Cover the wound with some ointment or KY and gauze. This helps to keep clipped hairs from sticking in the wound. All ointments and stuck hairs can then easily be flushed away.


new wound on horse lower leg

This (yet) unclipped wound has hairs poking around the edges of the wound.


  • Start a few centimeters or so away from the wound edges. Work inward towards the wound. It doesn’t matter if you go with or against the hair. Going with the hair at first will get most of the hair shortened, then you can do some final clean-up by going against the hair growth if needed.


When it’s all tidy, you have more info to determine what to do next. Super easy!



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how and why to clip wounds