Tips for using the horse vacuum on your horse!


First and foremost, the horse vacuum is your friend.

  • The horse vacuum removes that *dust* and *stuff* that no amount of curry combing and grooming and dandy brushing can get.


  • And, in the winter when bathing may not be an option, you will really love this little machine. It’s also great for cleaning out your car, sucking the dirt from your tack trunk, and also helping to clean saddle pads before you toss them in the wash.



Most horses will get used to the noise and sensation very quickly.



Here are a few tips to keep your vacuum in top shape.


  • Keep the bag emptied on a regular basis. Do not do this on a windy day. Trust me on this one.


  • Try not to let the hose hang so low that your horse can step on it. Or that you can trip on it, which may be the more likely scenario.


  • When switching sides, you may want to consider just turning your horse around in the cross ties. I have seen one horse that freaked out when the hose draped across his back. There was a bit of a panic attack and some broken cross ties.


  • The horse grooming vacuum works well on dogs, too! Have not tried it on a cat, and that doesn’t sound like a good idea.


Store the hose above ground on a hook to prevent horse and human tripping.


vacuum nozzle

Spritz water or grooming spray inside the nozzle and static is reduced! Repeat as necessary.



  • If it’s staticky and dry and you run the risk of zapping your horse into the next zip code, add water. Either spray or wipe your horse with water or sprinkle or spray the inside of the hose nozzle with water to cut the static electricity. Repeat as needed. You can also cut the static on your horse or in the hose nozzle with grooming spray.


  • I prefer to curry first, then vacuum. I think the curry gets the ground in stuff nice and loose, then the vacuum can do its job easier.


  • You don’t have to have the super-duper version. Many barns use a canister style horse vacuum or even a shop vac with a long hose and hose attachment.



There’s more than one way to vacuum your horse – this is a canister vac.



What are your tips for getting the most out of your horse vacuum?





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For canister style horse vacuums, there are two that I like:


Electric Cleaner Co Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum


Vac N Blo Metro Large Animal Groomer – 4HP – 73AG – This one also has the capability of blowing. Handy.


If you have a shop vac and want to “convert” it for horses, you can add a hose and nozzle. Double-check that the hose will work with your vac style.

Nasco Serrated Nozzle for Electro-Groom


Nasco 10-ft. Hose for Electro-Groom – C02546N



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