Don’t static shock your horse with these tips!


There is one thing no one – and no horse – seems to like and that is static electricity. It seems during the dry climates and dry air of winter, there is enough static to power a small city. Especially when you are removing blankets…Yikes! As much as static is a pain (ha ha), I do enjoy the tails looking a bit wild.


Here are some easy tips on how to cut down on static shocks on your horse.



A spritz bottle filled with water is great to spray tails, manes, grooming brushes, and the inside of the vacuum nozzle to eliminate static.



  • For your horse’s tail – although it may be funny to look at, I can’t imagine your horse likes his tail sticking to and zapping his hind legs. Or sides. The easiest solution is some detangler or sheen product. If you don’t like detanglers, you can use a wet washcloth to wipe the tail down to temporarily get rid of static. You could also loosely braid the tail to “contain” it and cut down on static.


So many little static shocks!


  • For your horse’s blanket – I have heard that wearing gloves when you pull it off works. It doesn’t. I have heard that standing on rubber mats when you take it off works. Not for me. I have heard that using a dryer sheet to wipe down the blanket may help, too.


  • For your horse when you are brushing him – I like to lightly dip my brush into a clean bucket of water and shake off the excess. Damp bristles get rid of static, and also seem to help with those pesky spots of dust that don’t want to flick away. Using a damp washrag to buff your horse also does this same thing. You may need to re-dip your brush a few times.


  • Alternatively, you can hold a damp washcloth in one hand and a brush in the other. Use the damp washrag to swipe your curry and brushes every few strokes to cut the static.




  • For the vacuum – this is a static making machine! For those of you that are scientifically minded, the static comes from the dust particles bouncing around the handle and tube. The best thing to do here is to spray the inside of the nozzle with some water or grooming spray, and you are good to go.


Spray the inside of the vacuum nozzle with water or shine product and the static is gone!


  • For you – save up your static charges and zap your spouse or roommate when they won’t do the dishes.