Put down the WD-40 and step away from your horse!

  • Please, for the love of horses, keep WD-40 (and all household cleaners and chemicals) FAR AWAY FROM HORSES. I know I’m probably going to sound like a nagging mother about this, but I have seen way too many pictures and suggestions on the internet lately of using WD-40 on horses. It’s just wrong.


There is NO GOOD REASON to let WD-40, or any other solvent, near your horse.



The front of the can spells out some of the dangers.



  • I personally love WD-40. In the garage. When I need to get a piece of metal unstuck. When I am working on my car. Ok, that doesn’t happen but the husband works on our vehicles and he uses it.


  • It’s really as easy as reading the label. WD-40 is very clear, on both sides of the can, about its uses and the serious hazards.

A few highlights of the WD-40 warnings:


  • Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Ok, your horse is not going to drink it, but he may chew his buddies tail or ingest some when he’s mutually grooming his BFF.


  • Flammable. This literally means “easily set on fire”.


  • Inhalation of spray mist may be harmful or fatal. Is it really worth it?


  • Skin contact – wash with soap and water. WD-40 is not designed to touch skin! Ever.


  • Eye contact – flush eyes with large amounts of water for 15 minutes. Have you ever seen your horse rub his face on his front legs? This is how chemicals end up in a horse’s eye.




The warnings continue on the back of the can!



  • If you have a grooming problem that may require the use of dangerous, flammable, and toxic chemicals, please call me instead. I can give you dozens of safe ideas about how to handle your grooming conundrum that won’t end in a vet bill. In fact, this website is chock full of ’em.



One more thing – there is NO FISH OIL in WD-40. This is a MYTH – proven by this statement on the WD-40 website, see screenshot below. But does it really matter with all of the warnings?




There is no fish oil in WD-40. Fish oil in WD-40 is a HUGE MYTH. You can read other WD-40 myths here.



What are your alternatives to using WD-40 on your horse?

  • Before you start looking for magic in a bottle, make sure your horse has a good diet with appropriate omega fatty acids.


  • How much curry combing and daily grooming do you actually do? Double or triple that amount. Over and over and over again.


  • If you have some sort of mane or tail tangle problem, reach for a horse safe grooming oil instead. Or M-T-G. Or mayonnaise. Or a sheen product. Or butter. Anything but WD-40.




You can pick up a safe and proven alternative to WD-40 here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, and you do not get charged more! I thank you for all of your support!


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