make your own horse grooming wipes


Barn Hack – Make Your Own Horse Grooming Wipes


It’s all fine and good to use baby wipes for barn and horse things, but I have some ideas on how you can get creative! It’s also a nice idea to use sustainable items that can be reused. Get creative and make your own horse grooming wipes. 

Gather these items:



  • Existing baby wipe box or package. The boxes are a bit more user-friendly.


  • Kitchen storage bag or container. There’s no end to the sizes and shapes of bags and reusable containers available. Entire grocery store aisles are filled with them.


  • Supplement tubs. So. Many. Choices.


containers to store grooming wipes

Baggies are great for shows if you just need a few. Tubs are great in that you can pack more wipes in.




Use these towels or wipes


  • Existing wipes. Use dried-up wipes or fresh ones that just need some additional stain-fighting ingredients added.


  • Kitchen hand towels. These are quite large, so you could cut them up. They are thin, so they might be better for sensitive horses or delicate areas.


  • Shop towels from the automotive section are handy and durable.  These are blue, and some are strong enough to be rinsed and re-used. 


stack of colored washcloths

Top to bottom – terry cloth, microfiber, kitchen towel, paper towels. And no sense of color coordination in my house.


  • Washcloths. A good size. With their texture, they work really well for stain removal and sweat removal over larger areas.


  • Paper towels. Almost not even worth it, but some paper towels are now so tough it might be ok. You’ll definitely save a bunch of space. If you only need a few for a show, this might work well.


Get to mixing and matching!


After you have your container and “wipes”, you might want to add some ingredients for a specific purpose.


For stains:


  • You could use a smidge of witch hazel or some spot remover mixed with some water. You could also use a dilution of stain removing shampoo, and I’m talking about the good stuff for gray horses! White vinegar to rinse stains is also an idea if that works for you.


horse grooming wipe solution of stain remover and water

I added too much deodorizing stain remover and water, but I can pack in more towels.


For grooming:


  • This will really depend on where you are grooming. Around eyes, noses, udders, sheaths, and under tails, I might stick to just water. For other horse parts, you could wipe on your sheen product of choice, or a conditioning oil. Both are nice to use sparingly, so wiping on is often better than spraying.


For cleaning things:


  • For cleaning your horse’s tack, a bit of liquid glycerin soap and some water makes for handy tack cleaning wipes. Great at shows when you don’t want to drag everything with you.



homemade tack wipes

Great for shows – You can leave buckets, sponges, and towels for tack cleaning at home.


  • Vinegar and lemon with some water are a good general cleaner to have around the barn.


  • For some quick laundry wipes if it’s going to be a while before your stuff hits the washer, make a slurry of water and baking soda. You’ll have to play with the right combo to keep it pasty but also able to get into the wipes.



dirty horse grooming wipe in a hand shape

And yes, they work. This was a urine stain, and now it’s not on my horse or the grooming tools.




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