The many uses of zip ties at the barn!


I rank zip ties right up there with duct tape and baling twine. And, if they’re good enough to hold this car together, they’re good enough for the barn.


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zip ties holding a bumper on

Zip ties. Putting repair shops out of business?


  • Zip up opened bags of feed for easy transport to shows or to help keep the bugs out.


  • Emergency halter repair. Watch the little nub, you can cover it with duct tape to avoid scratches.


  • Create a loop to hang your horse’s water bucket from at shows.


  • Contain cords.


  • Attach anything to anything else.


zip ties holding a cup onto a stall

This water bottle becomes a medication holder on the stall door with a zip tie. #supergreen


  • Temporary fence repairs.


  • Hang the remains of a human water bottle for handy stall-side storage.


  • Secure your tack locker together when you are going to shows. A great fix for those trunks with questionable latches that like to pop open.


  • Attach your horse’s fan to his stall.


  • Use different colors to identify blankets. A little zip tie around the buckles won’t poke your horse.


zip ties


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