The many uses of diapers at the barn!


Lots. Really, lots and lots of uses for diapers around horses.


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I keep diapers at the barn for a few reasons. They are cushy, absorbent, they don’t expire. They are also flexible, inexpensive, and easy to store. And, they have boatloads of uses!


  • Use them to pack hooves with your choice of hoof packing material or poultice. Smear some poultice on the absorbent part of the diaper and then wrap the hoof up. You can use the tabs on the diaper to lightly secure it before you stuff in a boot.


  • If you are packing a hoof and want to stay a bit cleaner, you can also use the diaper to scoop out your hoof goop. This saves your hands from a goopy mess.


  • Freeze wet diapers for instant ice packs. Good for horses, good for people.


first aid supplies and diapers

First aid supplies – diapers included!


  • Keep several in your first aid kit to use as bandages if you, or your horse, have a cut or wound.


  • If you don’t need the whole diaper, and only a smaller bandage or smaller pad, cut out the absorbent middle and use a smaller section.


  • After medicating and applying a band-aid or other bandage, diapers can cover a hock to provide some extra protection for hock or bed sores.


diaper in hard hoof boot

Diapers fit nicely into boots if you have a hoof to pack!


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