polo wraps are better than sport boots

When to use polo wraps instead of sport boots


  • Polo wraps are almost a lost art for some of us, as the advent of sport boots with hook and loop closures has made life very easy. Sport boots do virtually the same job as polo wraps but are easier to apply, remove, wash, and store than polo wraps.


green polo wraps

And also COLORS!


Use a polo wrap instead of a sport boot when:


  • You need coverage below the fetlock. Perhaps you are battling a case of scratches, or your horse has some sort of “boo-boo”, and the arena is a bit dusty. Using your polos to create a barrier between dust and skin where boots don’t cover is a good idea. Be sure to wrap loosely over the fetlock joint to allow for maximum mobility.


  • Your horse is about to go in for “honor rounds” at a show. Tradition dictates that crisp white polos are to be worn here.


polo wraps and bell boots


  • You are tending to a horse who is recovering from a tendon injury. Polo wraps can give you a very consistent application from top to bottom when applied correctly. Your veterinarian may give you instructions to hand walk or tack walk with compression wraps, in which case you may need to polo wrap over a protective bandage. Sport boots have straps, which make them easy to put on, but may create gaps of coverage in between the straps.


  • You are attending a clinic. Like braids, having your horse wear polo wraps for a clinician is a nice finishing touch that will make you and your horse stand out.


  • You need some wrapping practice. The technique to polo wrap is usually the same as bandaging. You can never get “too good” at it.


  • Polo wraps are becoming a lost art, keep the tradition alive!



Tips for using polo wraps


  • Wash them inside of a lingerie bag. This prevents the dreaded polo wrap spaghetti.


  • Practice putting them on, so that you can make it up and down the leg once, without going around the top over and over again. You should start at the top, go down the leg, go up the leg, and done.


  • Be able to fit a finger or more into the top and bottom. That’s not too loose, I promise. For a reference, wrap a polo wrap around your own calf and move around for an hour.


  • Avoid lumps, bubbles, and folds as you apply the wraps.


  • Practice!


OF COURSE, I have the article that details why sport boots are much better than polo wraps. What makes you reach for polos instead of sport boots?


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