sport boots are better than polo wraps

Sport boots are best for leg protection. Maybe.

  • I can make the case for both instances, polo wraps are sometimes better. You need to decide what’s best for your horse on any particular day and make your choice accordingly.


horse cantering while wearing sport boots

This is why I protect legs – even the simple gaits like this regular ol’ canter can have your horse knocking himself.


Sport boots instead of polo wraps:

  • Sport boots are easy to put on! It’s hard (but not impossible) to mess up the application. Most horse sport boots are secured with elasticized hook and loop closures. The elastic provides for an adjustable snug fit, and the closure is easy to do.


  • Easy to clean. Most horse sport boots are machine washable and often do well in the dryer, too, although air drying may help them last a wee bit longer. Sometimes you only need to hose them off and toss them over a fence.

open front jumping boots


  • Easy to store. No rolling necessary, unlike polos.


  • Fun colors! The boots these days range from traditional to fun, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! (OK, polos come in fun colors, too!)


  • Great for horses that like to knock themselves with a lot of force. Polo wraps don’t offer that sort of impact protection. You may find that you need sport boots on days that you will be working on lateral movements.


silver sport boots


  • If you are going to be riding into an area with a lot of sticker burrs, you may pick a pair of sport boots that have a slick outer sheath and little fuzz poking out. Polos seem to be sticker burr magnets, so horse sport boots in this instance may be “better”.

Most horse sport boots have neoprene in some form or fashion.


  • The fuzz-lined boots often have a middle layer of neoprene. Some horse sport boots are all neoprene.


sport boots in a bin Easy to store, too. Sport boots don’t need to be wrapped!


  • Be aware that your horse’s tendons and soft tissues will become super hot with these types of boots, especially the ones that are only neoprene.




valena horse boots

These are my Valena Boots – my favorite brand to use. I’ve had some pairs for years!


Or maybe you stick to the theory about polo wraps being better than sport boots?


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