Take care of your horse things to save some money!


“I can do that later” is a phrase frequently swirling around in my head. Because it’s human nature! But there are several things that I do all the time – to protect my investments. Some of these things seem like they only save pennies, but over time, it all adds up.


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Protect your tack and supplies to save money:


  • I clean and oil my clipper blades. Damp and un-oiled clipper blades lead to rusty clipper blades that are basically ruined. Money saved: $$


lister star blades up close


  • Leather cleaner and conditioners. Daily cleaning and conditioning of tack keeps your leather strong and supple. Dried-out leather is dangerous and can’t be brought back to life with all of the conditioners and oils in the world. Money saved: $$$ or even $$$$ if it’s a saddle.


  • Saddle pads. I like to find pads that are simple and don’t have fancy piping. Brush them off after use, dry them inside out, and launder as needed. You can even skip the dryer. Do repairs yourself instead of buying new. Money saved: $$


tack sponge cleaning the seat of a dressage saddle

Clean your saddle and bridle. Every day is a good habit to get into!


  • Trailer maintenance. A yearly trip to the shop for brake checks, new tires if needed, and electrical system check. Pull mats regularly and inspect your trailer often. Of course, this is a part of your horse budget, but ignoring/delaying this can land you with a big bill for repairs or a tow. Money (and panic) saved: $$$$$


  • Blanket care and repair. I like to clean my horse’s blankets almost daily with a stiff brush, and spot clean the straps. Try to avoid tossing them in the washer and dryer, this can remove waterproofing. I do repairs myself, too, and re-waterproof every spring. Money saved: $$$


mane comb cleaning horse blanket velcro

You can do most blanket cleaning and repairs.


  • Veterinary care. Regular vaccinations, routine checkups, regular blood work, regular dental care. How does this save you money in the long run? You and your vet can catch things early. Case in point – blood test for metabolic disorders done early, or finding out your horse has Cushing’s or IR after he comes down with laminitis. Money (and heartache) saved: $$$$$$$


  • Buy bulk if you can. I’d rather buy a three-month supply of supplement in a big tub than individual months. And, that giant bucket can carry water, feed, grooming supplies, compost, tools, and bathing supplies around when I’m done with it. Money saved from bulk: $$, money saved from upcycling: $ and your good karma stockpile goes way up.


chestnut horse in halter

A clean and conditioned halter will last longer. Always have a breakaway piece.


  • Halter care. By now you know that every halter that goes on a horse MUST be breakaway. So commit to a leather crown piece. And clean that halter regularly! Like twice a week or more! Nylon parts can be run through the dishwasher, leather parts cleaned like your tack. Money saved: $


  • Vet Kit. Keep a well-stocked Vet Kit with items that you can get from the drug store. If your et needs to bandage your horse, you will save some dough by using your own supplies rather than buying from your et. Money saved: $


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