clean metal at the barn

Polishing brass and other metals on your horse’s tack.


If you know anything about me, you should be able to predict my answer…..elbow grease. Just kidding. There are some major time-saving tricks out there to help you polish all things metal – EXCEPT the bit. The bit itself has no need for polish, but the bit rings do.


Keeping your horse’s metal things clean and polished.


never dull polish for metal

Great for polishing tack!



polishing cloths for metal

Polishing cloths are another option – these are super easy to use!


  • Use the dishwasher! You can toss bits, nylon halters, stirrup irons, and spurs into the dishwasher for a cycle. Nice and shiny when the cycle is over.


  • For polishing things by hand, grab yourself the following – a cleaner/polishing compound, soft rag, and toothbrush for the nitty-gritty parts. The cleaner/polishing compounds come in many forms and usually work on all types of metals, from brass to stainless. Some are paste, some are more liquid, and some come in a jar with bits of fiber that you break off and rub the metal with.


toothbrush cleaning a bling browband


Make your own brass and metal cleaners.


  • Add one teaspoon salt to 1/2 cup vinegar, and add enough flour to make a paste. Rub on, leave 10 minutes, rinse and buff out. Use your soft rag to buff and your toothbrush (an old one….) to get into grooves and attack those sparkly browbands that are popular.


  • Many horse folks also use plain toothpaste to polish the metal pieces of their tack.


stirrup iron rolled up on black saddle

Irons do well in the dishwasher.


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My favorite metal polishing method is using a cloth – super convenient and I don’t have to mix anything in the kitchen. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, it’s no extra charge to you! I thank you for your support!

Cape Cod Polish Co. Metal Polishing Cloths Tin


Nevr-Dull is another option

Thank you!