use your dishwasher to clean horse tack

Let your dishwasher clean your horse stuff!


But first, a disclaimer. Not my fault if your roomie or S.O. gets peeved at your horse stuff in the dishwasher! Be sure to take the people stuff out first and it might go over better.
  • We spend a lot of time cleaning things at the barn – our horses, their stuff, and everything they eat from. It gets to be a royal pain sometimes. But what would you say to running these items through the dishwasher? I have 9 total – but I’m sure there are more.
  • All nylon halters – You might know I’m not a fan of ALL nylon halters, I like the leather crown piece for safety. Now…take the leather part off and the nylon stuff can go right in.

  • Bits – For the deep-down clean. Great if you are switching horses that you use it on, the disinfecting cycle can make a dirty bit ultra-safe for another horse.

stirrup on jumping saddle


  • Stirrups – Take the grippy foot pads out, then run through the dishwasher for ultra cleaning. Use some metal polish afterward if you are headed to a horse show.

  • Spurs – Remove your strap first!

  • Baseball hats – They can go in the washer and dryer, but the dishwasher helps them keep a nice shape.

  • Some grooming tools – Like mane combs or hair brushes. I prefer to do the actual body brushes by hand.

  • Horse toys – That jolly ball isn’t going to clean itself, you know.


blue sponge


  • Sponges – All barns have sponges of some sort, and all of those sponges are giant science experiments waiting to morph into some sort of sci-fi movie.

  • Smaller feed and water buckets. Again, great for the deep clean and sanitizing that can come from the dishwasher. If they fit!