pick the best halter for your horse

Is the best halter for your horse leather, nylon, or rope?

  • Lots of choices here for halters – but how do you decide what to use for your horse? Whichever you choose, be sure it’s designed to break away. Halters, like the all-nylon variety, can injure or kill your horse if he gets hooked on something.


breakaway leather crown piece

Breakaway halters are a MUST. The leather crownpiece needs to snap if your horse panics.


Leather – The traditional leather halter is the “gold standard” of horse halters, but it’s not always the best choice. Leather halters are great because:

  • Leather halters are safe. A stuck horse has a great chance of escaping, as leather can snap.


  • Leather halters look great!


  • You can use them with a stud chain if you need to.


  • Easy to add your horse’s nameplate on the side of the halter.


The downside of leather halters?


  • You need to clean and condition them, as you would a saddle or bridle.


  • They are typically more expensive than other styles.



leather halter with silver hardware


Nylon – The nylon halter is a great way to dress up your horse with some color! Nylon halters are great because:


  • Nylon halters are affordable.


  • You can use them with a stud chain.


  • Any color under the sun!


  • You can make the safe by using a leather crown piece.


  • Easy to clean – hit them with a hose!


I’m not a fan of nylon halters for these reasons:


  • Unsafe if you don’t use a leather crown piece.


  • Colors can fade in the sun.


nylon halter with leather crownpiece

This is the ONLY safe way to use a nylon halter on a horse.


Rope Halters – These are amazing when used properly. They share a lot of benefits as the nylon variety!


  • Great colors.


  • Affordable.


  • Make a rope halter super safe by securing them so the tail of the knot faces your horse’s rump.


  • More control of your horse when needed.


Downsides to the rope halters?


  • Some styles omit the knots that are designed to place pressure on specific points on your horse.


  • These halters are not always beginner-friendly, you will need some instruction to properly fit and use one.



horse in rope halter


What type do you use for your horse? What was your deciding factor?


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