horse blanket care

How to care for and store your horse’s blankets



gray horse in red blanket across the fence

Tips on blanket care.


  • The more you wash them, the more waterproofing you can remove. I prefer to use a really stiff brush to clean the inner and outer layers. If I just can’t take it anymore on the inner layers, I will hose off in the wash rack and dry in the sun. You can also re-waterproof them with some hand spray and wash-in products.


  • The best way to wash blankets is in a front-load machine. If you don’t have one, an afternoon at the laundry mat is no big deal. A word of caution – some laundry mat owners are wise to filthy blankets coming in and no longer allow it. Brush and hose off before you visit your neighborhood spin cycle. Or use the car wash. More details here.


  • Don’t overfill the front load machine. And if possible, add an extra rinse cycle. There are a million places that detergent can’t get rinsed out. You don’t want any funky skin reactions!


water beads on a horse blanket


  • Please don’t put your blankets in the dryer unless you absolutely have to. A sunny, well-ventilated spot on the fence will do just fine. Dryer damage and fabric damage from the heat is not good.


  • For storage at the end of the season, thoroughly clean your blankets and prepare for storage. I like to use those vacuum storage bags. This is also the time to have repairs done on your blankets. Most local blanket repair services can also do an amazing cleaning job, bundle these services and sit pretty over summer.


  • You can also store blankets in a feed or tack room, but this can tempt some mice and rodents to nest in them. Sealed blankets are the way to go, either in plastic vacuum bags or closed trunks or bins.


red blanket on a black horse in a field

I feel like he is plotting some blanket destruction.



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