coolant vs clipper oil

When to use clipper coolant and when to use clipper oil.

Coolant and lubricant do just that – cool the blades and offer some friction reduction. But, coolants evaporate quickly, leaving your blades to scrape against each other and create more heat.


  • Clipper oil is your solution. Clipper oil actually remains on the blades to do its job of reducing friction and protecting your clipper blades from wearing out too quickly. It also helps your clipper motor run well, as the oil makes the blades easier to use.



10 wide blade on km10 clippers going through a coat

Keep the clipper blades cool, so your horse stays comfortable.


Here’s when to use clipper coolant and clipper oil:

  • Use clipper coolant regularly as you clip. Check every 10 minutes or so. If your clipper blades need cooling or are gooped up with hair, the spray of the coolant can clean things up for you and cool things off.


  • Use clipper oil before you start clipping. Reapply every 5-10 minutes as you are clipping. Definitely clean, dry, and oil your clippers before you store them. For more on cleaning and storing, read this! There’s also a handy cleaning and storing video below.


blade ice can

Add oil after using coolant or disinfectant. Every 5-10 minutes is a good goal.


  • And definitely, use clipper oil after you have used coolant. When in doubt – ADD OIL!


  • You can also use a cleaner and disinfectant when you are cleaning your blades before storage. And again, follow up with some oil!



clipper blade and clipper oil

Oil those blades! When in doubt…add oil!


If you find your blades are hot too often, they might be getting dull. Your horse might be too dirty, which makes your motor run hotter, too. If might be that they just need more oil, or you might need to send your blades out for sharpening.


Read the COMPLETE GUIDE TO CLIPPING YOUR HORSE for start to finish tips on clippers, techniques, and troubleshooting!

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