zeolites for bug control

Zeolites for bug control at the barn!

Zeolites are a group of specially formed organic minerals, originating deep in volcanic areas and other rock formations.

  • Zeolites are unique in that their alumina and silica structure has room to hold water and other substances. They are even more unique in that getting them wet won’t change their structure. They won’t get mushy or melt.

  • So this doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with killing flies and bugs at the barn – but hang on just a sec. Your horse’s manure and urine create two basic things – wetness, and the perfect environment for flies and insects to party and reproduce. Manure and urine also make for strong arms, ammonia smells, and endless chores, but back to the bugs.

Flies and insects that are attracted to the wets spots can come into contact with any zeolites that you have down to kill ammonia and promote a dry area for your horse to live.

  • This desiccating and dehydrating property of zeolites means that bugs and their eggs will be dried up.

  • The sharp and jagged edges of the zeolite, even when wet, mean that those bugs will be damaged and killed by the zeolite itself.

sweet pdz zeolites in hand with bag

Zeolite can be grainy (like above) or powdery. I prefer the grainy type.

This is just another bonus to using zeolites at the barn, and one more prong in the fight against flies and biting insects at the barn.

  • Combined with frequent stall/paddock cleaning, fly sheets, and sprays, fly traps, and even parasitic wasps, your barn’s fly situation should be under control.

  • Doing your best to make sure damp areas are dried goes a long way to ensuring that flies and biting insects don’t have a place to reproduce.

  • It only takes a few seconds to peel back shavings to expose wet spots and stained areas of your horse’s bedding.

  • Then add some zeolites to the spot, then carry on with your barn chores. Remove ammonia, dry things up, send the flies packing.

  • On the chance that your horse is a creature of habit and has his favorite pee spots, I use a little sprinkle of zeolites on top of the bedding as well as under the shavings. This removes any odors that he might be using as a reminder of where to urinate, and it brings the zeolites in more direct contact with bugs.

sweet pdz zeolites being spread in a stall

You can also sprinkle zeolites around the wet areas of the paddocks, too.

It’s all about one product, many uses!

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