what to put on your horse's stall card

Your horse’s stall card


  • For many of us, it’s as simple as a name, phone number, and Vet and Farrier info. Agreed – this is critical, especially if there are multiple Vets and Farriers that come to the barn.

Other things to put on your horse’s stall card


  • Secondary phone number – There are a few hours in the day when I don’t have a cell phone, but I do have a phone and fax line – just in case! This could also be a backup phone number to your trainer, spouse, horse best friend.


  • Baseline TPR – At rest, what is your horse’s normal temp, pulse, and respiration? Any Veterinarian tending to your horse in an emergency will need to know his baseline, so his vitals can be compared to his normal.



white board on the outside of a stall

This barn uses a binder of all vital stats for all of the horses, kept in the tack room. On the stalls are dry erase boards for easy communication and critical information (like allergies).


  • Allergies – If your horse has known or suspected allergies, this is the place to let everyone know about it. Certain grooming products, some ingredients in grains and treats, and even random things can cause an allergic reaction. Let everyone know what is and is not allowed!


  • His hay feeding schedule, type, and amount. Just in case that information is different from the other horses.


  • Warnings – Will your horse bite? Kick? Defend his area? Warn others so that your horse doesn’t take a chunk out of someone else.


  • Daily medications and other medical conditions – Does your horse need medications or supplements daily to treat an ongoing medical condition? At a show, you may not want to display this information.


  • The “please” items – is there anything that others should be aware of? Examples may include “please no treats”, “please no open window” “please leave the window open”, etc.


gray horse in stall looking out



  • Photo – a photo on the stall card is great for large barns and shows. This is a great addendum to a physical description with identifying marks.


  • Insurance information – if your horse is insured, the company name, contact info and phone number, and pre-authorization requirements should be listed. Don’t forget the policy number.



stall card and halter hook

Dry erase boards are awesome for stall cards!


Stall cards for horse shows

  • Your local contact info, like cell phone and hotel phone number just in case your cell phone has questionable coverage.


  • Your trainer’s information


One more thing about stall cards before I forget! Use legible handwriting, or you can type one out.


Did I miss anything important?