folding blankets

Expertly fold your horse’s blankets!


  • It’s very tempting to just roll/twist/smash it up and jam your horse blanket on the blanket bar. OR, you could follow these easy-peasy steps to tidy up your blanket bars and create a uniform look down the barn aisle. I can do this just by holding onto the blanket, but for some gigantic or thick blankets you can lay them down. And of course, the barn aisle will be pristine when you are done.


First, fold your blanket lengthwise along the spine.

horse blanket folding

Next, fold widthwise just behind the girth area.

horse blanket folding


Lengthwise again.


lengthwise fold on a horse blanket


Widthwise again.


folded horse blanket


  • The easiest way to have it hang tidily on the blanket bar is to feed it from behind the bar and then lay it over the bar.


For straps, they fold into the blanket as you alternate your lengthwise/widthwise folding.


  • Sometimes, the leg straps will decide not to cooperate and fall out. You can tuck them up and under the blanket when it’s hanging on the bar. Or, you can reattach them as you are stripping your horse. This also prevents them from swinging around as you put the blanket on the next time.


  • For extra think blankets, you may only be able to fold three times, but you can still feed it from behind over the blanket bar for a tidy finish.


  • If you store your blankets in a box, bin, or tack trunk, just smush ‘em up and cram ‘em in. Just kidding! Fold them as outlined above and tuck away!



How do you store your blankets when your horse is not wearing them?